Tuesday, January 26

Weddings on the Brain

I have weddings on the brain. I love engagement stories. I love weddings. I love wedding dresses. I love flowers. All of it.

I have weddings on the brain, because the little workshop has been invited to help with quite a few weddings this year, and that makes me very happy.

Here's a Save the Date I did for an Early Summer wedding in Sun River. I love the colors she picked - all yummy versions of coffee (mocha, latte, espresso). And, of course, a subtle hint of Texas orange - a nod to the groom's alma mater.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see the upcoming weddings I'm working on.

Saturday, January 16

Hearts & Crafts

I'm sure you noticed Valentine's Day was the next holiday (you probably noticed that before Christmas, if you were strolling through Target or Wal-Mart at that time).

Anyway, I'm taking orders for Valentine's Day cards.

Maybe you didn't get to Holiday or New Year Cards.
Maybe you're having a baby (girl, please!) and want to send out cute as can be love inspired cards.
Maybe you're tired of your kids sending licensed character Valentine's to their classmates.
Maybe you just got engaged, and think Valentine's Day would be the perfect reason to get out your save the date in February.
Maybe... Well, you get the idea.


So, I decided to do a handmade Christmas this year. I did buy the fam presents, but once I got started with the handmade stuff, I couldn't stop! I spend some time (ok, a lot of time) surfing crafty blogs, and see all these cool things people make, and always think "Hey, I can do that!"

Well, this year, I quit saying that, and started doing. And, the best part is the joy on everyone's faces when they realize that you made something just for them with your own hands.

In addition to all the things in this collage, I made some awesome flash cards for Sweet P, the sweetest little stuffed owl to match Sweet P's bedding, and an advent calendar out of Christmas socks (which I will NEVER do again - I think that thing took me, all totaled up, about 20 hours to make).  I unfortunately don't have pics of those yet because they're on the fam's cams. hehe

Oh, and if you'd like any of these for yourself or gifts, I could whip them up for you. Just, let me know.


Tuesday, January 12

This & That

I know you've all been checking back every day since my last blog because you couldn't wait to see what I did in November & December. Oh, you haven't been checking back every day? Not even once? Well, thanks, I guess a girl can dream...that there's anyone out there...that someone besides my sister reads this thing...

Wait, what were we talking about?

Oh right - how busy those elves were designing holiday cards. Well, without further ado, here are a few of my favorites. To check out the rest, check out my portfolio.

Friday, January 8

Twenty Ten!

Ok, who remembers back in 1999 when we were all super worried that at 12:01 none of our technology was going to work? That we were going to be in a state of confusion and our computer screens would look like the opening scenes of the matrix? Me tooooooo.

But, now it's 2010. TWENTY FRIGGIN TEN? Are you kidding me? Where are the flying cars? The cities in space? I want my money back!

Well, I'm sure you've been wondering what I've been doing the whole month (I just spelled that munch!) of December? Hello? Anyone? Tap tap.... and... crickets chirping.

Ok, so I'm sure the only person reading this is my sister, who knows what I was doing the whole month of december, but blogosphere, I'm going to tell you anyway.

I was designing, and printing, and delivering, and designing, and printing, and delivering, and sewing, and sewing, and glueing, and making messes, and packing, and flying.

And, then I was spoiling the sweetest little P of a niece. And, relishing family time, and getting fat off momma's cooking. (seriously, who can eat waffles, and scones, and biscuits and gravy, and more scones for breakfast everyday??)

Phew - December was busy, and I'm super sorry I left you all salivating for a new blog. (I hope I've delivered.)  But, I was takin' a break.

But, I'm back now - and, next week I'll show you all the lovelies I designed, and maybe even show you some of the things I sewed and sewed. Please come back, won't you? I promise I'll never write the word and this much ever again.

Now, aren't we glad that in 2000 our computers decided to continue humming along? I know I am!

Kisses and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!