Friday, February 25


I was having one of those weeks again where I was feeling unproductive, so I scanned my orders and realized it was because all the work I've done recently didn't involve me printing anything. All my work lately has been either web or logo design. You want to see, right?

I've already designed the Dynamic Edge logo, business card, postcards and web items, but this time, my client wanted t-shirts. Cute, huh?

I also updated a logo for a local construction company.

Then, I finished up my brother-in-law's Christmas gift. Yep, sister's hubby. They have a little (big) farm, and grow their own veggies, so they needed a logo.

And, finally, I whipped up a new blog header for a client, who happens to be one of my most loyal customers!

Phew, I don't feel so unproductive now. I can now look back on January and February and realize that yes, I did actually do quite a bit of work!

Tuesday, February 22

Tropical Mommy/Baby Shower

Going thru pictures recently, I realized I've never told you about this baby shower. Probably because we hosted it before I'd decided to embark on the journey de Rosita.
custom baby shower welcome sign
We wanted the shower to be more party and mimosa brunch, less baby shower and silly games. So we took the mama's love of Hawaii and ran with it.

We started with these invites to set the tone:
custom baby shower invitations
images on invite taken by Jennifer J Photos
Using the nursery colors, we created a yummy, mama-focused brunch. The stage was set with lanterns and my grandmother's china.
carrie's baby shower lanterns
shells, candles, and drapey fabric
carrie's baby shower decor
we enjoyed a feast of monkey bread, egg casserole, and the most beautiful fruit salad, with peanut m&m's for dessert! (mama's favorite) We served coffee and a mimosa bar as well.
baby shower brunch food
For "games", we did a crossword puzzle of baby/pregnancy words, because mama loves them, and a celebrity baby matching game. We also presented mama with a diaper cake (which did double duty as a centerpiece for the gift area).
custom diaper cake
mama working on the crossword puzzle
Guests left with a bag of chocolate covered macadamia nuts and chocolate clusters. (I guess the tag technically should have said 'mahalo', huh?!)
custom favor tags
It was my first time hosting a baby shower at my house, and we had a great time! Special thanks to my co-hosts, Jenn and Priscilla. All shower photos courtesy of Priscilla.
carrie's baby shower
mama and the co-hosts

Wednesday, February 16

Simple & Classic Razzle Dazzle

You might not believe this, but I designed these.
custom simple wedding invitation sets
I know, I know, no bright colors, no crazy font, no urban/gritty background. Well, I'll have you know, I can do simple and classic. Hey, stop snickering. It's true. I know when I leave the house, I'm supposed to take off one accessory. Really, I do. Tangent...

The couple held a very small wedding ceremony over Thanksgiving and wanted a classic, art deco feel, so for the wedding, we mixed it up with paper texture (gold flecks, too) and a variety of envelopes (cream, kraft paper, silver). Personality was infused with a custom name design (seen on the rsvp, program, thank you notes).

The Invitation:
custom simple wedding invitations
custom wedding rsvp
Guest info card (this did triple duty as a Direction card, Rehearsal Dinner invitation, and Reception Save the Date):
custom guest information cards
We also designed a Wedding Program:
custom wedding programs
And, Thank You note cards with the yummiest lined envelopes. Notice how the liner paper mimics the scroll work on the invite components.
custom note cards
After seeing this post, the bride needed her own custom hair flower. We used material from her wedding dress; matched the jewel to her fabulous earrings; And, added a feather for some Art Deco spunk.
custom hair flowers
In addition to the small ceremony, the couple is celebrating with friends and family this weekend in an amazing Art Deco building. They asked that their colors for this event (black, cream, purple) be incorporated into these invitations. We tied the two invitation suites together - can you tell how?
custom invitations
Congrats on the wedding, Carley and Brandon. I hope the party this weekend is full of razzle and dazzle!!

Tuesday, February 8

Silly Love Songs

It's February playlist time! You know what that songs! With that silly holiday Valentine's Day this month, how could I not fill the list with cheese & whine?! Especially since we're going on our annual Wine Tasting trip this weekend.

You may know them, you may not. Most are oldies, 'cause they don't write 'em like they used to. (What am I, 80?!) And, a little french dittie added in because I'm super jealous of my pal, Carrie, who will be in Gay Paree, on the 14th.

Have some love songs I should know about? What would be on your Silly Love Song playlist? P.S. the most important song on my list, Lover Lay Down, by the Dave Matthews Band, was tragically missing from's repertoire. Harumph.

Friday, February 4

Wild Thing

I'm feeling restless. Maybe it's the cold, grey weather. Maybe it's missing my fam. Maybe it's that 2011 starts my downhill slide to *gasp* 40. Whatever it is, I'm restless.

And, when I get restless, my home interior becomes my scapegoat. And, spending any time around home improvement blogs is enough to make anyone's interior feel inadequate. I've now big plans for our  bedroom and the workshop, requiring Mr. Man to put his sexy tool belt and power tools back in action.

Before I start on major overhauls, I decided it was time to do something about the stack of frames in the basement I'd intended for a gallery wall on the upstairs landing.
So, I chose pictures, threw out pictures, printed pictures, changed my mind, hated it, started from scratch, realized we should have some of my art in the house, and think I've settled on something I can live with!
custom wall artcustom wall art
Isn't it sooooo much better? Mr. Man's only request? That the Storm Trooper be represented. Well, why the heck not?!

You know I said I realized we needed some of my art in the house? Well, that poster on the bottom is it! (You want one, too?) The images in that frame seemed like after thoughts, and since I knew I wanted to mix and match other art in, 'Wild Thing' was born.

Close Ups:
custom wall artcustom wall art

And, no gallery wall would be complete without a Sweet P original:
My custom art is perfect for Valentine's Day. Take a lyric from 'your song' and frame it up. Or, maybe a scripture that means alot to you and your loved ones. And, unlike all the 'Keep Calm & Carry On' stuff out there, it's something that's dear to your heart!

Talk to you soon, Wild Thing.