Friday, October 23

But, What Picture Should I Use?

So, you definitely want to do Holiday cards, you just don't know what picture you should use. Should it be the whole family? Just the kiddos? New house? The dog? Serious? Funny? In front of the Christmas Tree? From the latest vacation? In full Sports Team gear? Whoa - it's enough to stress anyone out!

Well, maybe this year, you want to get some professional shots done? You do? Fantastic! I know just the person for you. If you're in the Seattle/Tacoma area, you should check her out. She's amazing! And, is quite possibly the nicest person you'll meet.

But, don't take my word for it - head over to her site. And, check out her blog. Oh, and hurry - her time's fillin' up fast - get in while the gettin's good.

You can thank me later. (by ordering your holiday cards) :)

Monday, October 5

Tired of Evite?

I cannot believe it's already October! Even though I'm very sad to see the beautiful Seattle summer we had go, October means the holidays are coming, and there are a few things I look forward to, like:

     Pumpkin Spice anything
     The leaves changing
     Twinkle lights throughout Downtown Seattle
       Pumpkin Carving parties. Halloween parties. 
       Thanksgiving parties. Holiday parties. 
       Trimming the tree parties. 
       Parties just because parties.  
       Phew - can you tell I love a party?
    Well, speaking of parties, if you're hosting one, maybe this year you want to send a fabulous invitation via the good old-fashioned mail. Maybe? Instead of stalking Evite and fretting that people have viewed your invite, but not replied, why not set the mood with a lovely piece of stationary?

    Let's have a little chat! We can create the perfect invite for your pumpkin carving, holiday, because it's wednesday party. I can't wait!

    The only question I have is, Am I invited? That's ok, you don't have to tell me today.