Tuesday, May 31

In My Shoes

i've been thinking lately that it might be fun to give the blog a more human feel. i know i've interrupted the design before to talk about obsessions, books i've read, and mr man, but i thought you might like a weekly, or monthly view into my riveting life. funnily enough, i get the most comments from you, my 3 readers, when i write personally. i'm not quite sure what that means, but i do know, i love me some comments.

i think it'll be pretty organic, changing or not, as i please. and if you know me, that's pretty much my personality (i am a truuuue gemini).

so, is this a good idea? is this the dumbest thing you've ever heard? hello? anyone there? drop me a comment here if there's anything you've been dying to know.

Saturday, May 28


sometimes when i get an order, i'll get a few hours into the design, wipe my brow, and think 'what did i get myself into?' this design is one of those times. but, i wasn't going to let it be my kryptonite, and dare i say...it might be one of the cutest designs i've churned out of headquarters the workshop. (that's a little horn tootin' for those of you keeping track).

superhero birthdays demand comic book style invites, right down to the pictures. well, for that, i needed to do some learnin' ... to the batcave interwebs

and, POW! the pictures went
and shazam, the final invite looked like this
it's got the comic book feel, right? zinger words, lightning bolts, stars, fun fonts. can you find their blaster cuffs in the invite?

could this possibly be one of THE most custom design you've ever seen? well, don't go calling me wonder woman just yet.

Tuesday, May 24

What a Hoot

how is it that our little sweet p is 2, and i was tasked with designing all her 2nd birthday swag?! she's supposed to be a little peanut, but, now she leads us all around by the nose and chatters and sings constantly.

she also loves ALL animals, birds, bugs, etc. so, mom wanted a cute 'look whooo's 2' theme with an owl. you've seen the invites.
and, for the party, we did a banner
custom birthday banner
a party hat
children's owl birthday party hat
and favor tags...
custom children's birthday favor tags
for the cutest favors my sister handmade (good thing there were only 5 guests!)
the iowa farmer's wife felt owl
what did i tell ya about the mamas gettin' creative up in here? the guests also decorated owl masks to take home, and feasted on the cutest owl cupcakes. (i'm sure she'll blog about all the goods soon).

lucky girl got to celebrate her birthday twice, so the swag made two debuts (one for friends and one for family) - love that.

for good measure, i thought we needed a pic of the birthday girl modeling her birthday hat. she's just the cutest dang thing ever!
let's chat about your kiddos birthday.

Monday, May 16

Around the World

lately i've been doing more kiddo birthday invites, and i tell ya - the 'rents are gettin' creative. this little munchkin has been quite the traveller, and mama wanted to use that as the focus for the invites and the party.

so, the invites were designed with an airmail slash train/air ticket slash travel feel, and was topped off with a pic of the birthday boy in paris.
for the party, they carried on the travel theme with a paper airplane making contest and these cute passports. mom asked me to design a little passport for the party guests to fill out. they went 'around the world', filling their passports with stamps from the birthday boy's travels. tout cute!
and, of course, no birthday would be complete without a birthday banner (made round, like the world!)
isn't that such a fun birthday party idea? and, what a lucky boy to be such a world traveller!

do you have a birthday to celebrate? let's whip up some goods for you!

Friday, May 6

Second Annual Open House

last weekend, i hosted my 2nd rosita designs open house. under a glorious blue, sun-filled sky, we enjoyed mimosas, snacks and fun chit chat. i debuted a few new items - individual cards for every occasion, calendars, and mixed media crosses.

thank you to everyone who came! i so appreciate all my old and new friends for all their support of the workshop.

to place an order, let's chat. remember mama, too. if you're local, we can meet somewhere to do an exchange. (hmmm...that sounds kinda bad, huh?!) and, if you've procrastinated, order something up, too. she'll know it's the thought that counts!

Tuesday, May 3

I Can Sing Clearly Now

seriously peeps, if we thought 2010 came and went in a flash, 2011 is on the speeding bullet to 2012. i need a pause button for life, for sure! it's a total shock that it's already may...that our little sweet p turned 2 yesterday...that my downward spiral birthday is a month away...that sunshine might be around the corner. (back in nm/tx, we'd have been sunnin' our buns in february!)

ok, enough chit chat - on to the music. whatchoo got pumpin' out your speakers these days? since it's almost summer, tell me about your fave toe-tappin', booty-shakin' tunes.