Tuesday, November 2

Husband of the Year

will's birthday
Today's Mr Man's birthday, so I thought I'd wish him happy thoughts here. This will be the 14th time we've celebrated this momentous occasion, and I have to say, he's had some pretty stellar celebrations.
custom birthday party invitations
Since his birthday is so close to Halloween, we sometimes have a costume party (are you noticing a theme here?)
stormtrooper costume
Then, for his 30th birthday, I "surprised" him with a trip to see his favorite college team - Notre Dame - play. That trip has created a tradition, and though it isn't always on his birthday, this year, it happens to be.

So, in a few days, we're off to Tallahassee and Auburn, where they eat, sleep and breathe football. Mr Man will celebrate for a week (or longer) with stadium tours, halls of fame, and all the BBQ he can eat. 

But, no complaining here - it's his birthday, remember? And, Lord knows, he's put up with my silly requests all these years. And, he always works in somewhere for me to lay in the sunshine (like Hilton Head, down below); I've seen parts of the country I never would have; and sometimes we meet new friends, or re-connect with old friends.
hilton head island
We've had a running joke lately that I should win 'Wife of the Year' (I might be the only one who thinks that), because I attend all these football games. In the rain. Next to drunkards. Watching teams I have NO idea about.

But, truly, if you knew all the things Mr Man does for me, and puts up with (I'll save you the details. Ahem.), you'd see he is definitely deserved of 'Husband of the Year'.

Happy Birthday, Mr Man. I love you to the moon and back.


  1. so he's on par with you now for "birth-month" festivities...happy b-day to him!

  2. Happy Birthday (via your wife's blog) Senor! What a sweet tribute Raeanne.

  3. Hey there! I LOVE your designs. Very creative. And you two look just like you did all those years ago at GHS! Maybe better! Sweet words. (I am your newest follower BTW:)

  4. Y'all are sweet :) auburn is just a short 7 hour drive from me :) could you not have been there 2 weekends ago when I was? btw we just kicked FSU's tail in swimming :)...too many smileys

  5. haha, I'm "loling" at Dida's smileys.

    You should win Wife of the Year! for sure for all those football trips. I already told Mr. Man happy bday via text so I won't say it here too, plus it's over. Hope you have a fun trip. Wish you were stopping to see Iowa play! :(

    I need to check out that shuffler site.

  6. Just read your blog! Happy bday Will and disregard my emails about my Christmas cards until you get back! Have a fabulous time...sounds like a tradition I could get used to! :)


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