Thursday, September 30


Some days I feel like I don't get much done, and then I stress out, and worry that I'm not blogging enough, marketing enough, doing enough. So, as I was looking through pictures to edit for the website, I realized I have actually gotten quite a bit done in the workshop recently.

In fact, I think I've designed something for almost any event or happening there is, and I know you'd love to see them, right?

There have been weddings
custom wedding invitations and custom save the dates
babies born (great idea here: they used the white space on the back to have the announcement double as a thank you note)

custom baby announcements
new addresses to announce
custom moving announcements and custom change of address
kiddo parties
custom birthday invitations and custom children birthday invitations
adult parties (kiddos can't have all the fun!)
custom adult party invitations or custom wine party invitations
new mommies (great way to keep your identity when you become a mom)
custom mommy cards or custom business cards

new business ventures
custom business logo and custom business stationary design
and gifts to give
custom handmade gifts or custom handmade mixed media canvases
Phew! Next time I'm feeling less than productive, I'll just head back here to feel better about myself!

The holidays are coming up - time to start thinking about your parties and cards. And, gifts. If you're looking for something custom, one-of-a-kind, let's have a little chat.

Tuesday, September 21

Change of Season: A Music Anthology

Before September sneaks off into the sunset, I thought I'd get the playlist out. The songs here are part wishing summer didn't have to end, and part being ok that the leaves are changing, and football's taking over my TV.

You know I'm always looking for new tunes (case in point, so drop me a comment & tell me what you just bought and think I have to hear; what you love and think I might not know about; or what you're thinking about buying, and think I should too.

Wednesday, September 15

Laissez le Bon Temps Rouler

I'm off to the Big Easy this weekend for a wedding. It took baby sister heading to LSU for school to give me my first taste of N'awlins, and I love it!

The culture, the sounds, the colors, the history, the vampires. It's almost like you're in another country. Which, with all the rich history it holds, you just might be!

If you've never been, put it on your must do list.

Have a beignet at Cafe Du Monde.
Marvel at the architecture in the French Quarter.
See what all the Voodoo hype is about.
And, take a tour. Any tour. The Garden District. A cemetery. The swamp.
The one thing I missed out on last time was the "amazing food" I'd heard so much about. I have it on good authority that I'll definitely get my fill of Cajun & Creole cuisine this time.
If I close my eyes, I think I can hear the jazz drifting out onto the cobblestone streets, and into the warm night air.

Tuesday, September 14

Bilingual Invitations

A while back, a bride-to-be sent me a message wondering about a double-sided invitation with graphic floral patterns that could have the invitation in English on one side, and in Vietnamese on the other.

I said, of course, of course; set about searching for fonts containing the Vietnamese alphabet that were pretty enough for a wedding invitation, and created a graphic peony in the wedding colors of red, black & white.

I have to say, these invitations turned out beautifully. The colors were amazingly rich, and we chose a bright white linen paper that made the colors pop off the page.
English/Vietnamese invitation
Vietnamese/English Ceremony Invitation
Close up of the paper texture. (Believe me, this image does not do it justice!)
All wrapped up and ready to go.
Congratulations to Khue-Nhi and Shane. I hope their day was lovely!

Monday, September 13

Keepin' It Real

Whoa! Where've I been? I blinked and realized it's been a month since I last blogged. In my defense, I was on my girl's trip for 9 of those days, and we had company for 5 of those days. You'll cut me some slack, right? All 3 of you who read this thing. :)

So, bloggers all over sometimes do keepin' it real posts, and the other day, I found an opportunity. So, in full keep it real fashion, I thought you'd like to see my "photo studio".
Sooo professional, huh? In the kitchen, by the window (natural light), white tablecloth (neutral backdrop), using my point & shoot (trusty camera). Not exactly photographer standards, but it gets the job done for me.

And, since we're getting real here, a few more confessions...
  • I make a list every morning that includes items just so I can mark something off (um, like, shower...really.)
  • I rarely get dressed in anything other than yoga pants and a fleece. Rarely even put in my contacts. (my apologies UPS man.)
  • I get sidetracked very easily when I'm doing "research" (reading other people's blogs).
  • Coming up with blog posts is really hard for me, because I want them to be one part my design, one part my witty sense of humor, and I want you to like me! And, the post titles? Forgetaboutit! That alone can take me an hour.
So, that's me keepin' it real. Tell me something you do so I don't feel so bad about myself...