Tuesday, June 3

junebug, i love you

since yesterday was my birfday, i thought i'd whip up a playlist of some of my fave songs. i can't help it that most of my favorites haven't changed since about 1997, but whatev.

some of these songs are off favorite cds, and I would have put the whole cd on the playlist, but i spared you. if you care to listen to the whole cd of my faves, they are: dave's crash, big head todd 's sister sweetly, heart's bad animals (this tape was on repeat in the tape deck from sophomore thru senior year), sarah's fumbling towards ecstacy, toad's dulcinea, and keane's under the iron sea.

so, if you were to create a list of 20 of your faves, what would make the cut? i love these kinds of questions, so answer up, you, my three readers.