Thursday, November 29

a few of my favorite things - november

better late than never huh? screechin' in with 1 day left in the month!
moon & lola monogram necklace | boston (the city) | cuppow
elf t-shirt | infinity scarf | sarah mclachlan wintersong 
indigo bird ornament | hot chocolate and whipped cream vodka

i've been coveting this necklace for years. not sure why it's never on a gift list i send family, but that's gonna change! lurve it. how cute with mr man's initials?? | ok, we just got back from boston. have you been? no? go, i say, go!! i could seriously live there. the history, the cobblestone streets, the restaurants, the history. GO! | ok, since mason jars are all the rage right now, these cuppow lids that make it easier to sip out of them are genius!

welp, december's upon us, and that means christmas movies and christmas shirts! i have an embarrassing collection of both. what? elf's one of my faves, and buddy has some fantastic quotes.  | a gal pal gave me this scarf, and i seriously love it. who knew world market sold scarves?! it's super warm, way cute and held up well in boston. | december also means christmas muuuusiiicc!! and, wintersong on heavy rotation. i love sarah. i love christmas music. the two together? STOP IT! her version of river rivals RDJ's. | so, last winter when we were trapped in snowmaggedon, i did a little cocktail creating and let me say hot chocolate spiked with whipped cream vodka is the key to keeping you warm on cold nights such as these. try it. you'll most definitely like it! whipped cream topping optional. (but, totally necessary.)

Wednesday, November 28

jingle bell rock

december means those christmas tunes start gracing the speakers! and, since turkey day was so early this year, i'm puttin' out the tunes early, because, let's be honest, i start listnin' to them the day after turkey day!

this is totally a highjack of last year's playlist. but, i know some new bands are putting out christmas cds. so, if you've heard somethin' new that's becoming your fave, do tell!

what's your fave christmas song, cd, carol, etc, etc, etc?

Tuesday, November 27

holiday goodies under $25*

i was going to create a new post all about the gifties you can have from rosita, but realized, hey! i've done that already. so, maybe you haven't read it before, or maybe you need a refresher. here ya go:

*with the exception of custom canvases, all gifts are $25 or less. how awesome is that?!

some people start shopping for holiday gifts in july, some people wait until dec 24th. whatever people you are, check out some of these goodies, that are sure to brighten anyone's (holi)day! the best part is, you get custom fun without breaking the bank!

i always say, let's bring back the written word! ok, i don't always say that, but maybe i'll start. because, everyone loves finding something fun amidst the junk mail, so why not stuff some stockings with some fun notecards? personalized. thank you. an assortment. your choice.
have kiddos? then, i'm sure grandma and grandpa would LOVE this personalized desk calendar full of pictures of the little ones. no kids? i'm betting the hubs would love gazing at you instead of staring at that spreadsheet!
if photos are too personal, but there's someone on your list who realllly needs a calendar, i've got ya covered.
how about a little art to fill some wall space? dream up an idea, and i'll put it to canvas. or, have a favorite saying framed for a wall. personally, the crosses are my favorite (prolly the NM roots talkin'). or, there's always the ever-popular hand cut name framed up to match a room or nursery. (rosita updated her site so you can see all the workshop's goods)
if you're looking for more stockin' stuffers, magnetic clothespins are super cute and perfect for hanging fun things in lockers, or on the fridge. (a picture of robert pattinson, por ejemplo...)
and, every girl's crazy for a little hair bling.
many of these items are sittin' on my shelf waiting for the perfect home, or we can do a custom order. to receive gifties in time for the holidays, you gotta place that order before december 15th.

gift wrapping (with gift tag) is available on all items for an additional $2.

in case you were wondering, there are less than 30 days until christmas! yikes!! oh, yeah - and order your holiday cards! (do i sound like your mother? eat your vegetables!)

Monday, November 26

my gift to you

i got y'all a present! it's the season of giving, you know, so i thought you'd like a little prezzy.
aren't i sweet?! 10% off orders placed by 12/5. new year's cards too. if you want 10% off, order by 12/5. it's too easy! hurry! there's not much time left before the holidays are here. 

if you needa take a look see at some cards to get the wheels'a turnin', check out this post, or this one, oh, and this one, or the ol' website. or maybe you have an idea whatcha want? ready...go!

and, since we're talkin''ve bought all yours, haven't you? ugh, don't tell me - i haven't bought one darn thing. and, i need to start, so they'll get here on time! maybe those crazies who finish shopping in july are onto something. who'm i kidding? never gonna happen. ok, we were talking about gifts, so...

and, if you don't see something here, but you've got it in your mind, let's have a little chat about it.

happy holidays! merry christmas! happy new year! feliz navidad! happy hanukkah! season's greetings! whatever you celebrate!

Friday, November 9

21 days of gratitude - days 7 - 9 - my girlies

day 7 - i'm grateful for food on my table
over the last few months, i've been volunteering at a food bank. and, man, if that ain't humbling. the first night was a very eye-opening experience, as roughly 200 people pass thru the doors in 3 hours. all walks of life, living below the poverty line, only able to purchase the bare minimum, seeking the rest at the food bank. i'm so grateful we are blessed with the means to put food on our table.

day 8 - i'm grateful for my sweet, sweet nana
this year, my nana will be gone for more years than i knew her sweet heart. this woman. not one for church, she surely embodied my idea of a true christian. she gave, she welcomed the less fortunate into her home, she stood up for what she believed in, she cared for the sick, and she took care of me like i was her own, while my parents worked. holy moly, i miss her, and wish upon wish that i could have just one more day with her. the last time i talked to her was thanksgiving 1993, and i was too concerned with getting home to see my friends from high school to even notice her. the next day, she went into a coma in the ICU, and died 3 days after christmas. oh, nana, how i miss you so and i hope you celebrated your birthday yesterday with an iced coffee and a dallas cowboys game.

day 9 - i'm grateful for my girlies (mamacita, middle sissy, and baby sister)
the mamacita has had to pull herself up by her bootstraps over the last 7 years. her overcoming what seemed impossible is pretty inspirational. and, when she's down, i like to remind her she's pretty durn strong! when her marriage ended after 30 years, she went to nursing(!) school, moved her 80 year old father in with her, sold his house, then her house, then packed them up for a new city and state. and, now, she takes care of people all day, and comes home to take care of the pops so he doesn't have to endure nursing home livin'. and, this year, she married off the baby and treated herself to a much-needed vacation in italy! i love you, mom and your heart o' gold! and really, you're kind of a bad-a**.

you know how big sisters are typically supposed to be the strong ones, paving the way for the younguns? so not the case in this familia. ok, maybe i was cool and hip back in the day, but lately, middle sissy has been playing the role of atlas. she takes my crazy on pretty much daily, and never ever says she doesn't have time, or 'seriously, this topic...again?!'. she's creative, smart, an amazing cook, and was made to be a mama. those kiddos of hers are destined for greatness! she's an inspiration, my hero, and i wanna be just like her when i grow up. love you sisty, and i'm so grateful we were twins born 5 years apart!

did you know baby sister came along when i was 13? and, wrapped me around her finger. a carseat the day after i got my license meant carting her everywhere. when people ask me why i don't have kids, i say 'i do...she's 23'. it drives her crazy i'm like another mom, but i'm old, y'all, and i made all the mistakes, so she doesn't have to. not sure why i worried. at 23, she's run circles around the rest of us! she has a wonderful husband, two dogs, a furnished home, a rock solid faith in God, and a job she loves, where she's making a difference! and, that, y'all is all i ever hoped for her - faith, hope, and love! mama loves you, deedle-dee-dee! ;)

you never know what you're gonna get with family, and even though we have more drama than an episode of kardashian, we are family, stuck together like glue. i love my family, and thank God he blessed me with one so darn special!

what are you grateful for today? have you joined 21 days of gratitude?
Inspired by Family Magazine

Tuesday, November 6

21 days of gratitude - day 3 to 6 - aka sweet music

so being out of town without wifi makes bloggin' kinda dificil. and, that means we're doin' a little combo today of the last few days of thankfulness!

day 3 - i'm grateful for sunshine
being in socal really reminds me how much i love me some vitamin d! and, that i needed to make more of an effort to soak it up! thank the lord for sunshine and palm trees!

day 4 - i'm grateful for sweet, sweet music
i'm sure you're wondering why i'm not thankful for another family member or something different, but i wanted to get you the november playlist early in the month, so today, i'm thankful for music!

music is such a major part of my life, and i'm so grateful my favorite musicians use their god-given talents to the benefit of our ears! music's on the minute i wake up, it's gotten me thru many a 'problemo' and certain songs can take me back to a specific time or place in an instant. perfect example...the cure's just like heaven is on at this resty and i was instantly transported to my senior year of high school!

you know i love finding new music, love listening to old goodies, love playing 'omg! this is my favorite song!', even if i just said that about the last song! i maybe might have hundreds of fave songs! you do, too, right??

not sure any of these songs qualify as my fave...yet! you know the drill...what's pumpin' outta your airwaves these days? keep me hip, or tell me your faves. i truly do wanna know! and, now: november's notes:

day 5 - i'm grateful for travel
getting close to election day, you start thinking about your freedoms, and travel is one i take for granted. i'm so grateful we are allowed to move freely between state lines, borders, and overseas to see wonderful destinations and other ways of life.
day 6 - i'm grateful for the right to vote
thank god women like elizabeth cady stanton and susan b anthony and eleanor roosevelt stood up for what they believed in to give us women the right to rock the vote!
Inspired by Family Magazine

Friday, November 2

21 days of gratitude - day 2 - that man o' mine

day dos - i'm thankful for mr man

since it's mr man's birfday, is it not perfectly fitting that i be grateful for him today? why, yes, i think it is!
now, if you know mr man, you know he is the kindest, most open-minded, happiest man you might ever encounter. and, boy, does he love his football. it might border on obsession. he maybe might love it more than me. harumph. i try not to get a complex.

on this, his b-day, we're headed to the city of angels to - guess what? - watch football. back-to-back games, might i add. you're shinin' up my wife o' the year plaque, aren't you?! i know - i'm a saint.

wait, that is so not true. if you had any idea what dude has to put up with from me, you'd be thinking 'serves the chick right she has'ta feign interest in game after game'. seriously. i can whip out the crazy.

in celebration, here are 36 things about mr man i'm grateful for:
  • his patience
  • his giant heart
  • his loyalty
  • his silly jokes
  • how much he loves me
  • his friendship
  • his hand in mine
  • he's my biggest fan
  • his support
  • he'd do anything for me
  • his compassion
  • he makes me feel good about myself
  • he takes care of me
  • he loves me just the way i am
  • he always kisses me goodnight...and goodbye...and hello)
  • his passion
  • his laugh
  • he listens when i talk
  • he likes my cookin'
  • his blue/grey/green eyes
  • his big bear hugs
  • he lets me steal the covers
  • he indulges my crazy
  • his trip planning skills
  • he asked me to be his wife
  • he keeps me warm when it's cold outside
  • he takes me to church
  • his witty conversation
  • he rubs my feet...if i say please
  • he can fix anything
  • his good-nature
  • his kindness to my family
  • he's way cute, maybe even a hottie
  • he doesn't care about 'the joneses'
  • hearing 'how was your day' every evening
  • he lets me put my cold feet on him
and, the list goes on and on and on. i love that man with every ounce of my being, and i pray each and every one of you feels love like this at least once in your life.

happy birthday, loverboy. i'm excited to see what the next 36 years have in store for us. i love you more than one tiny blog post could ever portray. thank you for showing me what unconditional love is.

Thursday, November 1

21 days of gratitude - day 1 - little nudges

you know it's been a struggle around here lately. and part of that struggle has been realizing i need to focus more on my blessings, and less on my shortcomings, and throw up a little gratitude. like every day. maybe even every hour. well, the best laid plans...and, then i saw middle sissy was part of a group of bloggers spending the next 21 days focusing on gratitude, so i jumped on that bandwagon as it drove by. care to join me?

day uno - today i'm grateful for little nudges
this morning, i woke up at 4:40. maybe i went back to sleep, but i checked the clock again at 5:35, then got up at 5:45 when i felt a nudge saying 'get up with me and read your bible'. i really wanted to turn over and try to go back to sleep. really. but, i knew where that nudge came from - the spirit i've been looking searching for, so i climbed out of bed, grabbed my bible, journal and a blanket and set off for another room.

i got comfortable, and was a little nervous about opening my bible. it's truly embarrassing how little i know about the bible, so i was worried i'd turn to hellfire and brimstone, and just be full of fear for the day. well, when you're nudged outta bed, there's likely a plan. and, darned if i didn't turn to - out of 1500 pages - my most favorite scripture verse ever. the one that's gotten me thru yikes after whoa after you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me. the one i mighta posted as a facebook status. just.last.week.
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  ~jeremiah 29:11
now if that didn't knock me on my rump! let me just say again - out of 1500 pages! the next verses are awesome, too. so imagine my surprise when i read middle sissy's gratitude post, and she had jeremiah 29:13 in hers.

after a little reflection and some praying, i decided to work on my homework for bible study, and guess what scripture showed up there?! pay attention to those little nudges - you'll never know where they might lead!

Inspired by Family Magazine

Tuesday, October 23

a few of my favorite things - october

vitamix blender | vino2go | brass fly | simply organic chophouse seasoning
someecards desktop calendar | toast heated clothes | brooklyn work table

oooh, some things on this list i reeeeheeeheeeelly want. rill bad. good thing christmas is comin' up!

a recent diet change has led to me grubbing on grass (well, green smoothies) for breakfast, and this blender would help me tons. but, why, oh why does it hafta be $400+?? is it made of gold? | can we file this under why didn't i think of that? pure.genius! now, i can take my wine roadie sodie without worrying about wearing it. kinda wish the cup wasn't clear, but...details. | this little fly would be the perfect halloween decor. and, you can hide some candy in its sneaky compartment. | my diet change has also banished all MSG from the casita, so i was sorely lacking in the spice dept. i found this chophouse seasoning at whole foods, and it's filled the void. put it on steak, fish, potatoes, veggies, your finger. | do you love someecards as much as i do? sarcasm is my second language. and, if i could ever decide on a desk, this calendar would look poifect on it! 

speaking of desks, 'member when i mentioned i wanted to redo the office? in january? we're still no closer to that pipe dream, but that doesn't mean i've given up. this work table might just be what my life's been missin'. come to mama. | and, heated clothes? seriously? no really, why.didn't.i.think.of.that?? if you know me, you know i'm ALWAYS freezing. (maybe cuz the heat nazi keeps the casita at a balmy 65, but whatevs.) i'd like to get to know these clothes...and, then never take them off. (you'd tell me if i started to stink, right?)

hope you're not disappointed i didn't veer more toward the halloween persuasion for this list. what are you pining for? started your christmas list? what's on it that i have to have??

Wednesday, October 3


um, looks like the ol' blog has become a playlist/fave things space. are you, my three readers, still with me? i pinky swear i'm getting close to having some pics of workshop things soon. we've got baby sister's weddin' (what??!! how did that happen?!) this weekend, and i've got all her fun goodies to show. it's going to be a free-for-all up in here.

but, on to the music. a little of this. a little of that. not too mucho this month. old favorites. new favorites. but, you know i wanna know what you're jammin' to. doooo tellllll. xoxoxo

Friday, September 21

a few of my favorite things - september

leigh ann herrin design wrapped in the cross | frye paige riding boots

ok, i need a new bag like i need a pony, but how gorgeous is this bag? they're all handmade, and you can choose your leather color and innards color. LOVE. | so, hatch green chiles only come around every august and september. i happened upon some at whole foods yesterday, and am trying to decide when to make this green chile stew recipe! | here's another book reco for ya. the matched series is a trilogy, and the third book comes out in november. it's a little YA, but you'll like it. promise.

do i feature bracelets every month? i do love them so! and, these are way cute! love the cross, love the wrap-around leather of your choice. | since fall officially starts today, how 'bout some boots? i got grey boots last year, but i've been coveting these for a loooong time. | i got some of this orofluido in my birchbox a few months ago and just recently started using it. let me tell you what - it does what they say. my hair's shinier, bouncier, and smells fabu! | wet n' wild made saved by the bell nail polish??! it's only available at CVS, which we do not have, so go try it for me. then, wear it to an 80s cover band, like... | nite wave. the band we saw for my b-day. they're awesome. so awesome, in fact, that they finally convinced billy idol to come play. after only 4 benefit concerts to do so. if you live in seattle, go see them. they're playing in october.

Tuesday, September 4

songs for september

so, not sure where september came from, but here we are, huh? football, autumn breezes, fall colors, pumpkin spice. luckily, we're experiencing a heat wave of 80+ proportions here, so i'm not gonna grieve too much. (maybe next week).

here are the latest tunes i'm jammin' to. found, oh you know, on various cable programming, the every day cooking show, etc. hey - i take my tunes where i can get 'em! and, you know it's not rosita's playlist without a tongue-in-cheek addition for your toe-tappin' pleasure! if you've got something you just can't get outta your head, let me know. i know i sound like a broken record, but do...tell me!

Tuesday, August 28

a few of my favorite things - august

first, thanks for all the kind words after my last post. i really appreciate all the support! and, apparently my favorite things are only going to come at the end of each month. i promise i'll try to be better...

ok, i saw these bracelets at a boutique recently, and i'm in love. you can switch out the plaques onto different leather cuffs to fit your mood. i think i might need... | this bible app works on any phone, ipad, kindle, etc., and it's pretty cool. there are devotionals, you can highlight and bookmark scriptures and you can connect with friends. | baby sister's invites (i'll show ya soon!) went out last week, and middle sissy has a hand cramp from using this cutey-cute punch on 175+ invites.

a local brewery mixes hefeweizen and this framboise lambic, and calls it a framba-weizen. it's my favorite, and i've started making it at home. try it in a blue moon. yum! | how cool are these nails? not sure i'd want to hang anything on them, 'cause they're so cool! | have you grabbed these almond toffee bits at costco? go, i tell you, go! they.are.heaven. | i keep meaning to pick up a decanter to let the ol' vino breathe, and i think this might be just the one. i love that it's called rainman, too.

so, what was on your radar for august? any good beach reads, apps, snacks to tell me about before the last shred of summer is gone? do tell. do tell.

Wednesday, August 22

finding my spirit

around here, there's been some strugglin'. some kickin' and screamin'. definitely some tears. and lots'a questions...

is this what i should be doing? am i fostering my extrovert by sitting alone inside all day? what am i doing with my life? WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?

maybe it's my age. maybe it's the various crudola life's thrown at me (so not any worse than anyone else's crudola). maybe it's cause my sissies live nowhere near me. 

whatever it is, it's got me looking - SEARCHING - for my spirit. yes, i'm getting 'spirit'ual up in here. i know we've never chatted about that holy higher power, the man upstairs, you know, God, but here we are. because i struggle. every day.

and, really and truly, through the shoulders he's provided me to cry on, through the powerful words of scripture he's laid at my fingertips, through people who've shared similar experiences at the right moment, through the family and man he's given to love me unconditionally, even when i doubt and doubt and doubt, i know he's got my back.

a wise man told me the holy spirit talks oh so softly, and sometimes we have to be so, so quiet to hear. um, being quiet? not my forté. well, i'm working on it. the stillness. the listening. the HEARING. the BEing instead of the DOing.

so, i wrote this today in case any of you are struggling; if any of you are looking for your spirit. i read a blog pretty frequently, and that girl is all about shouting her faith from the rooftops. she's a serious inspiration. with really good taste in music! check her out. today, she had these words to say (her words come to my eyes and ears at THE most perfect times):
God is bigger than your biggest mess and your impossible dreams and your heartache and your pain. your broken marriage and your severed relationships. He's bigger than your depression and He's bigger than your troubled background. He's bigger than that hidden sin in your heart and your secret relationships. He's bigger than your breakup and He's bigger than your abuser. He is bigger than your perspective and your unbelief.
our God is called Redeemer for a reason.
let me say that one more time.
our God is called Redeemer for a reason.
the Hope of this God is free to everyone who believes.
believe that there is hope in your situation because God says there is.
He is enough for you.
i Hope. because God says to. and, i Hope these words bring light to any darkness you might be experiencing. love to you all!
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.      ~romans 15:13

Tuesday, August 7

the sounds of summer

i know you, my three readers, look to me and me only for the lastest, hip music. *snort* if you do, i daresay, i'm sorry, because yes, yes, i did put damn, i wish i was your lover on this playlist. you see i was rockin' the belinda carlisle pandora station a few weeks ago, and it came on. and, just like smelling honeysuckle can, that took me back. wayyyy back. i'm sorry if your ears bleed. anyhoodle...

what are you jammin' to? what should i be listening to so i don't embarrass myself with early 90s girly music?!! promise, soon, i'll show you some stuff that's been flying outta the workshop. 

Tuesday, July 31

a few of my favorite things - july

talk about screeching right in under the radar. and, we're doing it a little different this month. we just got back from a sun & sand vacay to grand cayman with mr man's fandamily, and it was fantastic!! just what the doctor ordered!! so, here are my favorite things from the trip.

snorkeling | the sea life (not just the fishies) | 50 shades trilogy
rum punch | havaianas | stingray city | floppy hats & fedoras

i've been snorkeling in the mayan riviera, hawaii and zihuatanejo, but grand cayman is hands down the best. we hung out all day at a few reefs and the sea life, coral, and fish were amazing!

i know i've said it before, but the 50 shades trilogy is perfect mindless beach smut. they're not gonna win any prizes, but they'll pass the time for ya! wink wink

they say when in, since the west indies are famous for their rum, rum punch was my drink of choice all week. yum!

on the snorkeling trip, we stopped at stingray city to feed the stingrays. li'l bit cool, li'l bit terrifying, they feel like velvet and suck squid outta your hand like a hoover! seriously - watch your fingers! (thank goodness our guide waited until we were done to tell us he'd just been stung recently!)

i maybe mighta packed 12+ pairs of shoes, but i lived in my havaianas. if you don't have a pair, get some! and since i'm getting up there, i'm suddenly aware of wrinkling (um, hello 16-year old self!), so i tried to make sure i had a hat on at all times. 

so, what floated your boat (pun totally intended) in july? can you believe august is here? luckily in the PNW, summer's just arriving!

Wednesday, July 11

west seattle summerfest 2012

yo, yo, yo, i'm at it again. come enjoy the 80+ weather with a stroll around the west seattle summerfest, and while you're at it, stop by the art dive and say hello to li'l ol' me. maybe pick up some gifties for the besty, mama, or to restock the gift closet (do you have one, too?!)

k, see ya there!

Thursday, July 5

summertime tunes

july? again? how is the 4th already over? since we're here, it means we're more than halfway thru the year. seriously. stop already! at least the sunshine has arrived (let's hope it stays!)

i'm doin' a little recyclin' with this playlist. it's last summer's playlist, and it looks like you have to go to their site to listen to it. sorry :( but, some good songs there. have a little listen...

Friday, June 22

boys will be boys

i know i've mentioned it before, but i get many an order for the boy-child. this year has been no exception, and i always love hearing what theme each boy-child wants. skateboard, snowboard, sports, robots, super hero. let's take a little gander at some of this year's partay invites, shall we?

since he was turning 10, he wanted a take on the x-games (get it?!). so, it was a swish here, some grungy text there, and a snowboarder or two for this milestone.
from snowboards to skateboards, this client knew what he wanted, making sure we knew exactly how and what color he wanted his board to be. i have it on good authority that we were pretty good at bringing his idea to life!
we all know that every (well, ok most) boy loves him some sports. this particular boy-child is fond of all ball sports, so we did a little mash up for his invite. (what's up with the weird pic, you say? i obviously failed to print extras for a photo shoot!)
then, of course, there are robots. mama put marker to paper to whip up johnny 4 here, and i brought him to life on a postcard invitation. the clever headlines are the best!
and, lastly, my favorite kind of party - the fiesta! you know i love my margaritas. and, this little mister is as spicy as they come, so it's a perfect match! aren't i so witty with all the spanglish?!
how's that for gettin' the creative juices flowin'? got a boy? he's probably got a birfday, right? gimme a shout - we'll get workin'!

boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Tuesday, June 19

a few of my favorite things - june

seems the margarita trend is one with some kick. every menu i see has some sort of jalapeño concoction on it. and, since nothin' says summer like a big 'ol margarita, and 'round here the jalapeño jar's never empty, that is fine by me. i might let out my inner mixologist for this version.

if lincoln park after dark is my winter go-to color, cajun shrimp is it for the summer! when i'm not rockin' pink, that is! and, what better way to show off those summer tootsies than in some cute sandals. these might've started the pink trend for me. their $15 price tag meant they had to be added to my sandal collection.

and...more pink! there are other colors, but i couldn't resist!! i have a few of these, and while they're considered wallets, i think they're more of a clutch. tons of pockets, an id window, and they easily fit a gloss and your smartphone.

gettin' a little intimate here, i've been on the lookout for a bra that actually puts the girls where they need to be, and i found one (3!) in the most unlikely place - tar-jay. i highly recommend, wink, wink.

love the hunger games? then, how dang cute is this katniss cuff? i wasn't so fond of PE archery, but something about this  arrow makes me feel kinda like a bad ass, in a rhinestone-y sorta way. may the odds be ever in your favor...

mr man got us a car bike rack, which means i don't have to watch my life flash before my eyes as i careen down our giant hill at break (brakes) neck speed. so, since we might be biking more (mr man, i'm not promisin' anything here), i think old girl (the bike, NOT me) needs a basket to cart a beach blanket and bottle of wine.

what are y'all lovin' this month?? besides 50 shades. i know...I KNOW! 

Friday, June 15

pretty in pink

after years of wishin' and chickenin' out, then wishin' and chickenin' out, i finally pulled the trigger and dyed my hairs. it's atomic pink, and i'm in love. little nervous about getting it out of pillowcases, shower curtains, and clothes, but i'm in love.

it seems the higher the climb toward the big 4-0, i feel the need to do something drastic to my hairs around mah birfday. last year i chopped it off (much to mr man's chagrin); this year - COLOR! see for yo-self...
for the old (yes, OLD) birfday this year, our best pals joined us for some booty-shakin', fist-pumpin' 80s cover band nostalgia. it.was.awesome! rebel yell. fight for your right. jump. just like heaven. hungry like the wolf. melt with you. man, i love a show where i know the words to every song.

i wasn't planning on dressing up, but when i stumbled across some pink skinny jeans, i knew they must be mine. my 16 year old self is so rolling her eyes right now... and, if i was sporting pink jeans, then you know mr man had to break out the crue tee. straight outta the 80s, dontcha know!

hmmm, pink hair, pink jeans...i think i'm seeing a trend, because my new tennie-runners are pink, and my latest pedi is bright pink! whoa, maybe rosita needs to change her 'signature culuh' from red to atomic pink.

i'm gonna need to sleep on that one. whatchoo been up to??

Wednesday, June 13

showers possible

i know you, my 3 readers, are so distraught when you come here daily and there's no new post. wait, what? is this thing on? anybody out there? well, hopefully there are at least 3 of you checkin' this space out, because today we're showering the brides.

when it comes to bridal showers, there's usually some kind of cutesy theme, and my clients did not disappoint. let's start with the wine and cheese variety. these were printed on kraft paper, tucked in kraft envelopes, and show how even one color can make a majorly bold statement!
this bride is so well-traveled, it was a no-brainer the shower would be travel themed. i went with an airmail feel, tying in her wedding colors. the shower fun included laminated luggage tags, and we adorned table signs with images the bride-to-be took on her travels. i'll show ya when i get the pictures!
hello, clever idea!! my client wanted a recipe card that invitees could bring to the shower, and what better way to do that than with perforation? the size made them perfect 3.5x5 recipe cards, and i think they're super cute! we also did wraparound envelope labels in the wedding colors to match the invites.
part engagement fiesta, part couples shower, these way fun invites continue my love affair. these colors (with wedding color, mustard, at the forefront) just pop off the linen paper.

Monday, June 4

in the tune of june

well...hi! where the heck have i been? do you, my three readers, feel so neglected? i have tons to tell and show you, but that hurts my brain and makes me want to stick my head in the sand!

so, in full avoidance fashion, since i had a bunch of songs shazamed, i thought i'd toss you a playlist for june. in full disclosure, i became obsessed (OBSESSED) with that naughty, naughty 50 shades, and because i'm cray-cray just for fun, i whipped up a playlist of songs included in their pages. so, that's all i've been listening to for the last few weeks. if you'd like to obsess too, you can listen here.

some of those songs are here too, but most are songs i found on movie trailers and CDs baby sister let me barree. do you have any new music i need to hear? are you obsessed with 50 shades too? should we form a support group?!

Wednesday, May 16

a few of my favorite things - may

y'all! there's finally a trader joe's in my 'hood. gone are the days of driving 12+ miles to get to one! i pretty much love everything about TJs (baked jalapeno cheese crunchies, mini peanut butter cups, chocolate covered pretzels, 2 buck chuck), but here are 2 that i'm really diggin' right now. if you love graham crackers, you'll love cookie butter (use it in place of its cousin, peanut). and, almondictive bits...carmelized almonds dipped in dark chocky. do i need to say more?!

the economic downturn has pretty much shut down most magazines, so it's fun to see online mags sprouting up all over. i peruse a few, but lonny is good for salivating over gorgeous interiors. so, you know i have a windows phone, right? well, you should get one, so you can play wordament (it's only available on windows phone). it's boggle-esque and

have you heard of love it! i subscribe to tons of sample sale sites, but this is hands-down my fave. there are tons of sales going on at one time, and shipping is super reasonable. to prep for the snow patrol show a few weeks ago, i listened to fallen empires on repeat for days. i know it's been out since november, but it's still so, so good!

what are you loving this month?

Monday, May 14

music for may

after april's playlist, it didn't seem anyone cared about hearing the new lists. but, lo and behold, baby sister says to me the other day "i can't find your may playlist". well, it's not a full list, because i wasn't planning on doing one, but this is what was on it. a little snow patrol cause i saw them this month (AMAZING!); a little van halen because mr man saw them this month (he saw the DLR version, but i'm partial to sammy).

if you've got new tunes i should know about, i always love hearing about them. so, do tell...

Wednesday, May 2

monster mash birthday bash

in honor of sweet p's 3rd birfday today, let's take a little look see at the celebration! in february-ish, middle sissy tried to get out of sweet p what kinda party she wanted. after a little confusion, they checked out a party aisle and sweet p said immediately 'monstahs'. and, a theme was born.

now, since sweet p is a girly girl (her colors are blush and bashful), we couldn't just have any monster bash. mom was pretty specific about what she wanted, so here's the team effort invite complete with pink monstah. (hard to tell, but their eyes are blue to match sweet p.)
the party was at a park shelter, where we had plenty of room to string up a banner.
and set out snacks and cupcakes(!) adorned with round toppers.
you know no party's complete without a fun party hat. who wants to help me make it more acceptable in the adult community?!
mom wanted some fun activities to do during the party, so we made monster faces and the kiddies played 'pin the eye on the monster'. (sweet p was NOT into wearin' a blindfold, tho!)
mom put together a make-your-own-monster kit to say 'eye hope you had fun'. inside? homemade 'play-doh' in the party colors, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and monster stickers.
see? there's no running and hiding from these monsters. cute-as-can-be! i love little green guys chiclet teeth! hee hee!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET P!!! roro and UW love you and i'm so glad i got to celebrate with you!

Friday, April 27

a few of my favorite things - april

ok, seriously, let's just pretend i put these out earlier this month, m'kay?!

have y'all heard of birchbox? there's a serious waiting list, but once you're in, you can sign up to receive cool beauty stuff monthly. i've had it 2 months, and the nail polish alone makes it worth it!  |  exercise and i? we have a love/hate relationship. and, while i'd really like a gym membership, i'm puttin' the kinect to good use with this fitness "game". seeing yourself onscreen really puts it all in perspeck! sheesh!  |  i have tried and true perfume. coco for winter (RIP escada) and quelque fleurs for summer. but, bluebell is saying 'put me in, coach!' it.smells.fantastic!

we have a fair amount of partays 'round here and we just throw the recycle bins open for the aftermath. so, when i saw these pop-up bins, i had to have them. they're sold out right now, but fingers crossed they restock soon!  |  washi tape is colored and patterned masking tape that is way more fun than it's boring cousin. i love it and use it in all kinds of designs.

y'all. y'allllll. outlander. 'member that little-known vampire, edward? well, he's been replaced. i never thought it possible, but an 18th century scottish highlander has done it. ok, these books are rill long (like 800+ pgs). i'm midway thru the 2nd book, so i can't give verdict on all 7 (#8 comes out next year), but outlander? O.M.G...YES! everything you missed in twilight is there in BIG.bold.letters. thud...can someone turn on a fan?

i don't have a kindle, a nook, or an ipad. but i do have overdrive media console. i downloaded it to my trusty windows phone, linked up my library card, and can now read free, never overdue library books on my phone. and, let's be honest, when are we ever without our phones? plus, it's way lighter than an 800+ pg book. go. download. then, check out outlander. you're welcome.

Wednesday, April 25

where've i been?

it's been a while since i've tole you about the ol' personal life, so since i just returned from a 2 week working vacay, what better time than now to catch you up?

the sisters and i went to dallas to help the mamacita with the g-pa while his caretaker is out of the country. our stays overlapped a bit, and while it was lots of work, it was so fun to see everyone. we got our bridesmaid dresses for baby sister's weddin' picked out, celebrated mamacita's birfday with the hunger games, caught up with old friends, visited with all our fam in the area, and enjoyed the sunshine (when it decided to make an appearance).
we had lunch at whole foods, and sweet p put us to shame. she gives new meaning to the phrase 'eat your veggies'. what you see on her plate is tofu, broccoli, oranges, lentils, kiwi, garbanzo beans, and kale. seriously? would you eat that?? unbelievable.

middle sissy and i made a quick run through the mckinney flea market before the lightning came, and found our own beyonce. he sooo wanted to be mine, but no airline in the world would ok that carry-on.

to fulfill the second purpose of the trip (baby bro's baptism and sweet p's 3rd birfday party), we all had to settle in and drive 12 hours to iowa. ahem. it's a wonder i'm still standing, cuz that folks, is not for the faint of heart. middle sissy, you're my hero for doing it alone.

dude wakes up at the drop of a pin, and slept through his ENTIRE baptism. oil, water, everything! being a godparent rocks! dear old dad played godfather for mr man. can you even stand how adorbs that cheeky monkey is?

on the way to sweet p's monstah pahtee, we saw the american gothic house. can you see their faces on the roof? it's literally smack dab in the middle of a sub-division. so sad, really.

sweet p's been talking about her birfday for weeks, so you can imagine how excited she was. she tackle-style hugged her friends, happily sang happy birthday to herself, and COULD.NOT.WAIT for a cupcake. it was awesome!! (i'll be back soon to share all the goodies from her party.)

i kicked myself for not getting my garden in gear as i snipped spinach from the farmer's garden for spinach/mushroom enchiladas. i really don't know what my problem is. you plant it, it grows, you eat it. what is so hard? this year. THIS YEAR!

i'm back home now, and going thru my normal family withdrawals. i was welcomed home with misty rain, smooches aplenty from mr man, and the gingerbread house in full bloom. sadly, the magnolia has already shed her blooms. springtime in seattle is a beautiful thing!

i called it a working vacay, because we were there to help with pops, and i got about an order a day while i was gone. maybe if i wanna be busy, i need to leave town, and not have any of my materials with me! there's a thought!

what's been goin' on in your neck of the woods?