Tuesday, August 7

the sounds of summer

i know you, my three readers, look to me and me only for the lastest, hip music. *snort* if you do, i daresay, i'm sorry, because yes, yes, i did put damn, i wish i was your lover on this playlist. you see i was rockin' the belinda carlisle pandora station a few weeks ago, and it came on. and, just like smelling honeysuckle can, that song...it took me back. wayyyy back. i'm sorry if your ears bleed. anyhoodle...

what are you jammin' to? what should i be listening to so i don't embarrass myself with early 90s girly music?!! promise, soon, i'll show you some stuff that's been flying outta the workshop. 


  1. Thanks for freshening up my playlists. Downloading Carey Ott & Right the Stars.

  2. love brett dennen, I think I have like 5 of CDs if you want anything :)


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