Thursday, March 21


2013 has been action-packed so far. visitors here, trips there, and a whole lotta designing in between. i'm still going through withdrawals after a week long visit with baby sister. we went to yoga, tasted wine, combed for beach glass, cheered on the sounders, and successfully ruined our lenten promises. good thing we're forgiven! big ol' sinners that we are.

i've been doing a bit of hands on design lately - canvases, name signs, magnetic clothespins. and, lots of shower invites, baby announcements, and birthday invites, too. i think i'm close to being over my blog funk, so maybe i can hammer a few more posts in before march strolls out like a lamb.

earlier this month, i went to the passion pit show at the paramount (i LOVE that place!). matt & kim opened for them, and man is that girl a bundle o' energy. i was tired just watching her! and, passion pit has 11, yes 11, keyboards!! what are they all for, i'd like to know?!

the pink tennies are getting more mileage around the 'hood lately  - gettin' my vitamin d, stoppin' and smellin' the roses, you know the like. on my beach walk the other day, an adorable seal pup was sunning on the rocks!

i think i may have mentioned a diet change once or twice. well, i've sworn off gluten (unless my willpower succumbs to pizza i can't resist), and it's opened up a whole new world of recipes. just this AM, i made banana pancakes. not kidding - 5 ingredients (and flour is not one of them). make 'em - they're deeelish!
a banana, an egg, a little vanilla, sprinkle of cinnamon, some ground flax. make sure the banana's nice and mushed, so they won't be lumpy. wait for the pan to heat up a bit, put a healthy dose of butter down, then pour small pancakes. they take a bit to set up, so be patient, so you can flip them. it made me 5ish small pancakes! i topped them with a drizzle of maple syrup and blueberries. yum!!

Friday, March 1

music for march

first, thank you to all of you who've emailed, commented, facebooked, texted, called, carrier pigeoned me about my last post. it means the world to me, and i'm so glad we're all able to support each other. that's what community's all about! xoxo

on to the music and the how is it already march? although how excited are you that daylight saving's comin' up so, so soon? it's so nice not to be in the dark at 5 pm anymore. 

some oldies on here. i was lucky enough to be raised in a household of music lovers. the 'rents taste isn't exactly my speed these days, but they did expose me to a few i still keep on rotation. i'm seeing passion pit next week, so there's that. oh, and i fixed up the playlist archives over there on the right, so if you want to go back and check out some from the past, you go on with your bad self. what are y'all into these days?