Friday, December 23

a dream come true

heading back to NM/TX usually throws you a curve ball in the ol' weather dept. you may have sun, you may have snow, there's definitely gonna be wind. well, i hoped and hoped this year for a white christmas, and looky what i woke up to this mornin'!

SNOW! my dreams of a white christmas come true. now i don't have to feel guilty for sippin' hot chocky in front of the fire staring  out at that beeyootiful white stuff.

merry christmas to you, my three readers. i hope all your holiday dreams come true, and santa brings you a blanket of the white stuff too!

see ya in the new year!

Tuesday, December 20

home for the holidays

another whirlwind november/december is drawing to a close. i'm heading out to the post office to drop the last of the orders in the mail. i finished our card (!). and the elves are all getting ready for a much-deserved siesta!

and, the end of the holiday card madness means the beginning of holiday family madness - you better believe i packed my stretchy pants.

so, because we always say 'i wanna do this', 'i wanna do that', and never do, baby sister created a christmas to-do list pinterest board, and we've been fillin' it with all the fun stuff on the interwebs we think we could maybe accomplish.

here are the things i'm most excited about

see why i need the stretchy pants? i have a feeling the next 2 weeks are going to be a big eat-fest. and me spoiling sweet p and baby brother rotten rotten rotten.

what are you excited for this holiday?

Thursday, December 15

starting to see a pattern here

as the last of the year's holiday cards fly out of the workshop, it always seems like i notice a theme, and this year is no different. last year everyone wanted snowflakes, year before that - bright, modern colors.

well, this year, the theme was...patterns.

i've had requests for plaid
and whimsy (read polka dots mixed with stripes!)
and, that's what makes custom so very fun. when someone has an idea, and you can make it come to life. stay tuned for more creative cards i was requested to whip up this year. man, you guys make my job fun!

if you're still wanting to order cards, you're not too late (yet). we can do a new year's card, or you can order a digital print over on the etsy workshop that you can print wherever you wanna.

k - gotta run! there are only 10 days til the fat man comes!

Tuesday, December 6

i'm a giver

i got y'all a present! since it's the season of giving, and i'm in the christmas spirit, i'm takin' a break from the action around the workshop to give you a little prezzy. 
look at that! 10% off orders placed by 12/11. that means new year's cards too. if you want 10% off, order by 12/11. so so simple! order up, y'all. there's not much time left before the holidays are here (why does december fly so fast?!)

if you needa take a look see at some cards to get the wheels'a turnin', check out this post, and the ol' website. or maybe you already have an idea whatcha want. i'm ready - throw it at me!

and, since we're talkin''ve bought all the gifts on your list already, haven't you? don't tell me - i'll just feel worse - haven't done one single speck of shopping (unless you count for mahself! whoopsie!). luckily, my famdamily decided no gifts this year! right, family? seriously - those people change their minds more often than... oh, nevermind.

hmmm - maybe those crazies who get their shopping done in july are onto something. who'm i kidding? never gonna happen.

there i go with my tangents again! what were we talking about? oh, right - gifts.

gifts under $25 (except the custom artwork)

custom photo desk calendars

the online workshop (aka etsy shop)

and, if you don't see something here, but you've got it in your mind, let's have a little chat about it.

happy holidays! merry christmas! happy new year! feliz navidad! happy hanukkah! whatever you celebrate!

Friday, December 2

just hear those sleigh bells jingling

sheesh - december, you snuck in while no one was lookin', didncha? i'm givin' you a pass tho, cause i'm (shock of all shocks) just a smidge in front of the proverbial eight ball (eep! am i jinxin' mahself?).

k - enough with the tangent, and on to the music. christmas carols, christmas carols, lots of fun with chri...(name that tune!)

ahem. sorry.

this maybe might be a recyclin' of last year's playlist, with a sprinklin' of new tunes, too. a few of these ditties are kinda reachin' in the ol' 'carol' dept, but whatevs, they sound purty. and, it's chock full, peeps, cause ain't nobody likes a good christmas carol like moi. seriously. 

what's your fave christmas song, cd, carol, etc, etc, etc?i have it on good authority the elf soundtrack is a must-hear, and i'm totally diggin' the sufjan stevens christmas cd(s).

joy to the ears! by Raeann on Grooveshark