Tuesday, December 6

i'm a giver

i got y'all a present! since it's the season of giving, and i'm in the christmas spirit, i'm takin' a break from the action around the workshop to give you a little prezzy. 
look at that! 10% off orders placed by 12/11. that means new year's cards too. if you want 10% off, order by 12/11. so so simple! order up, y'all. there's not much time left before the holidays are here (why does december fly so fast?!)

if you needa take a look see at some cards to get the wheels'a turnin', check out this post, and the ol' website. or maybe you already have an idea whatcha want. i'm ready - throw it at me!

and, since we're talkin' gifts...you've bought all the gifts on your list already, haven't you? don't tell me - i'll just feel worse - haven't done one single speck of shopping (unless you count for mahself! whoopsie!). luckily, my famdamily decided no gifts this year! right, family? seriously - those people change their minds more often than... oh, nevermind.

hmmm - maybe those crazies who get their shopping done in july are onto something. who'm i kidding? never gonna happen.

there i go with my tangents again! what were we talking about? oh, right - gifts.

gifts under $25 (except the custom artwork)

custom photo desk calendars

the online workshop (aka etsy shop)

and, if you don't see something here, but you've got it in your mind, let's have a little chat about it.

happy holidays! merry christmas! happy new year! feliz navidad! happy hanukkah! whatever you celebrate!

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