Tuesday, December 20

home for the holidays

another whirlwind november/december is drawing to a close. i'm heading out to the post office to drop the last of the orders in the mail. i finished our card (!). and the elves are all getting ready for a much-deserved siesta!

and, the end of the holiday card madness means the beginning of holiday family madness - you better believe i packed my stretchy pants.

so, because we always say 'i wanna do this', 'i wanna do that', and never do, baby sister created a christmas to-do list pinterest board, and we've been fillin' it with all the fun stuff on the interwebs we think we could maybe accomplish.

here are the things i'm most excited about

see why i need the stretchy pants? i have a feeling the next 2 weeks are going to be a big eat-fest. and me spoiling sweet p and baby brother rotten rotten rotten.

what are you excited for this holiday?

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