Wednesday, October 1

october in tune

dude...seriously...october? how? i succumbed to fall this weekend, and got some pumpkins, but will not go lightly away from summer. i truly need a home where there are eternal summers. me and vitamin d are BFFs, and this greyness the PNW brings takes me down many a day. wah wah wah, right?!

ok, so i had to go diggin' for tunes again this month. none of my regular shows are on, so i can't pull them from those, altho parenthood just came back and i'll shamelessly yank from those episodes soon.

so, i know you love to hear my good ol' day stories, my three readers, so here's one about a song on here. i was listening to my belinda carlisle pandora station the other day and it must've been love came on, and i was instantly transported back to 1989. my friend and i got all dolled up with garish makeup to try to convince the box office dude that we were in fact over 17, so we could see the rated r (ooooh) pretty woman. we got in, but we weren't fooling anyone. so, here it sits, for old times sake.

what are you listening to? are you so excited i included tay tay on here, so you could shake it off?