Sunday, November 23

winter songs

oh, here it is again...time for christmas carols. i'm starting early this year - it just seems right when turkey day is so close to december. what are your traditions? wait until christmas eve to get your tree? up right after thanksgiving? have you started your christmas shopping yet? do you do gifts in your family? what's the best thing about christmas for you?

this'll tell me if any of you read this, huh?! answer my questions - inquiring minds wanna know! now, on to the carols - i have many, many here, but i'm always looking for more, or different variations - the more radical the better. so, do tell.

and, merry christmas. happy holidays. all the good fuzzy feelings for this season of love and light to you and your family. hugs and smoochies.

Monday, November 3

november noise

november. noooooovember. y'all, I like the sunshine. like a lot. i'm NOT ready for grey days, rain, and daylight savings time. i wanted to stay forever in tahiti, but mr man made me come home, and now, it's November.

it's about to be crazy town around here! Christmas cards, new years cards, etc. and, I started a new adventure earlier this year - you may have seen the link on the right, my three readers, but i'm doing some world changing with noonday collection, so, yes, crazy town.

next month, it's the carols of Christmas on repeat after thanksgiving. but, for january, tell me what you're listening to. are you even listening to this - do tell, this mind wants to know.

Wednesday, October 1

october in tune

dude...seriously...october? how? i succumbed to fall this weekend, and got some pumpkins, but will not go lightly away from summer. i truly need a home where there are eternal summers. me and vitamin d are BFFs, and this greyness the PNW brings takes me down many a day. wah wah wah, right?!

ok, so i had to go diggin' for tunes again this month. none of my regular shows are on, so i can't pull them from those, altho parenthood just came back and i'll shamelessly yank from those episodes soon.

so, i know you love to hear my good ol' day stories, my three readers, so here's one about a song on here. i was listening to my belinda carlisle pandora station the other day and it must've been love came on, and i was instantly transported back to 1989. my friend and i got all dolled up with garish makeup to try to convince the box office dude that we were in fact over 17, so we could see the rated r (ooooh) pretty woman. we got in, but we weren't fooling anyone. so, here it sits, for old times sake.

what are you listening to? are you so excited i included tay tay on here, so you could shake it off?

Monday, September 1

the sounds of september

well, thank goodness i got caught up on suits recently, so i'd have some songs to put on the playlist! i don't do much listening to the radio, so it's movies, tv shows, and random pandora stations that help me find my tunes.

but, can we talk about the fact that it's september??!! what tha?! june came and flew, july came and flew, and august zoooomed on by, and here we are - football (oh, joy), cooler, shorter days, leaves falling, and pumpkins everywhere. i sometimes wish i lived somewhere with an eternal summer. but, mr man couldn't be happier. football widows unite.

ok, what are you listenin' to? any movies i need to see that have amazing soundtracks? do tell - i wanna be like the cool kids!

Thursday, August 7

on the air of august

a little late to the party here, but it was quite the time finding songs for the list this month. i dug in the archives, called on all my peeps for suggestions, and still just added the last song today.

lots going on here. wouldn't you love to hear about it?! sheesh - i'm trying. really trying. but the clock never stops ticking, and the world never stops turning. so, maybe someday i'll catch you up!

in the meantime - i'm struggling with the songs, so keep me in the know of what's tickling your ears lately. i'm so behind on my shows, I can't even pull from there! so, help a sister out - k? love you, mean it, bye!

Tuesday, July 1

july's jingles

oh, hey there, my three readers. thank you for your lovely comments on june's playlist! and, here we are for another round of only posting the playlist on the blog. writing takes time, y'all. and, as soon as i sit down to pen what is sure to be riveting stuff...squirrel! i have so much to share, say, tell you, but i don't know that it belongs here in the design space. i want to shift this space a bit. get more real. but i don't yet know what that looks like. if you've got idears, let 'er rip!

the ol' shazam paid off this month with 15 songs for me to share with you! no idea where I heard most of them, but whatevs yo! i heard the norah jones version of i think it's going to rain today on the sarah pandora station the other day, and i was thrust back into a 1988 movie theater trying to see thru the gallons of tears i was crying during beaches. the soundtrack was my first CD, and i listened to that thing ad nauseum. hearing it reminded me just how much i love me some bette midler, and that i can quote beaches like nobody's biz.

so you've heard the paramore song, have you? well, i've somehow avoided it's radio overplay. a friend brought it up when we were talking about how it kinda blows to get older and have to weed thru crap like miscarriages and jobs. one listen and it was love.

speaking of sarah Pandora stations - some girlfriends and I went to see her at chateau st michelle last weekend, and it was amazing. as always. if you've never seen her, make it a point. she rocks it! you'll be pleasantly surprised. but maybe don't go to chateau st michelle. i've heard they frown on cutting lines, sneaking your own booze in, and dancing in the aisles. but, i've just heard that.

on to the music!

Tuesday, June 3

junebug, i love you

since yesterday was my birfday, i thought i'd whip up a playlist of some of my fave songs. i can't help it that most of my favorites haven't changed since about 1997, but whatev.

some of these songs are off favorite cds, and I would have put the whole cd on the playlist, but i spared you. if you care to listen to the whole cd of my faves, they are: dave's crash, big head todd 's sister sweetly, heart's bad animals (this tape was on repeat in the tape deck from sophomore thru senior year), sarah's fumbling towards ecstacy, toad's dulcinea, and keane's under the iron sea.

so, if you were to create a list of 20 of your faves, what would make the cut? i love these kinds of questions, so answer up, you, my three readers.

Thursday, May 1

maylist playlist

well, thank the good lord for baby sisters! i had about 2 songs for the playlist, and she sent me over her shazam list, and... shazam (i'm so sorry) a list was born. p.h.e.w! so, i'm gonna be hearing most these songs for the first time, just like you!

you'll notice i felt the need to put some george michael circa '90 on here. a gal pal turned the big fore-ohhh this weekend, and that song was on the playlist there, and it brought back major memories. i knew every word, and might've obnoxiously sung the whole thing at the top of my lungs. and, all I could think about was linda evangelista singing inside her sweater and the infamous vest going up in flames. did you go there with me?

ok, seriously, my three readers, i WANT to know what you're listening to. give it up! i'll be your best friend. k? thanks, bye!

Tuesday, April 1

auditory april

i've always tried to pull one over on loved ones for april fool's day, but always fall short. i think it's a silly day, especially given that i can tend toward the gullible. what isn't a joke is this playlist. *snort* - see what i did there?!

here's my monthly list of songs found while catching up on dvr'd  suits, parenthood and person of interest, on shopping excursions, and via noisetrade emails. have you checked out that site? it's pretty spectacular. and, i added an old fave from big head todd because they just played and i missed them. their swing toward blues has not been my favorite digression. bring back the old vibe...please! the arctic monkeys song was slated for the march playlist, but i couldn't decide if i liked it enough, but if it ain't dang catchy! and, no mocking the brave song - i'm really diggin' the message, so skip it if you need to! wink

now then - truly, what are you listening to? i reeeeeaallllly wanna know. i don't just type that every month. c'mon - help a sister out! smooches and hugs and all that jazz.

Monday, March 10


sorry so late with the march playlist - I took a much needed tropical vaycay. and, let me tell you - vitamin d does a body good! so refreshed!

and, here are the tunes for march - all procured from the various tv shows i'm trying to catch up on. plus a few oldies (but super goodies) thrown in for good measure. the yoga teach threw jeff buckley on her playlist recently, and man, was it hard to stay in downward dog, when all i wanted was a microphone. oh, the angst of 1994.

ok - as always - what are you listening to?? anything i have to hear? how are you feeling about daylight savings? i went outside last night at 6 and did a happy dance that it was still light out! wahoo! (which, incidentally, is a fish i tasted for the first time on my trip)


Monday, February 3

in the key of f...ebruary

by popular demand, my three readers - the playlist lives on!

you know how January is supposed to be a month of introspection, goals, and getting life back in order after the holidays? well, that sorta happened in the workshop, but sorta also didn't. things be crazy up in here, and that is the most awesome thing ever. truly. truly. truly.

my sissies and i started this thing in september. we send a picture every day of something new - each month is a new theme. january's theme was us showing our attempt at a goal we set for the year (eat more veggies, be more positive, exercise, etc.) and, man, was it so powerful to see those goals being achieved! i had a major goal deadline of january 31st, and i couldn't be happier that i achieved it! i'll tell ya about it soon. promise.

now - to the music. the farmer gives us mixtapes cds in our stockings most years, and he has quite the ear for music, so a few of those new-to-me tunes are on here. others i found on blogs, TV shows, various dressing rooms. you know what's next - tell me what you're grooving to - anything i have to listen to?

Friday, January 24

almost famous??

during the mad rush of the holidays, when my little elf was here helping in the workshop, she scanned through some of the latest designs to get some ideas for her own cards. as she was perusing, she holds up a shower invitation and asks - do you know these people? since the party was in texas, and she is from texas, i didn't think anything of it, and said - no, do you?

this flustered her a bit, and she asked again - no, really, do you know these people? to which I replied - no, I don't, do you? she looked at me, rolled her eyes and SCREAMED - THIS IS THE BACHELOR!! and, i admit, when i got the picture for the back, i thought - that is a mighty fine couple, and wowza - great engagement pictures!

i stopped watching that show like 10 years ago, when the firestone dude was on it, so i don't know anything about it these days. so, no, no - i do not know these people. but, i guess i should have!

word on the street is they're goin' to the chapel tomorrow (my invite must've gotten lost in the mail), so how 'bout we check out the shower invite?

the hostess found my design on pinterest, and we changed the colors up a bit, and added a few more pun-ny travel info tidbits. i guess this makes me almost famous, huh?? nahhhhhh

Monday, January 13

tunes for the new year

a new year...again. and, one of my resolutions/goals is to be more positive. so, how 'bout this: i'm so excited for the new year and have faith it'll be a good one! do you do resolutions? are they already broken? i'm trying berry, berry hard this year to stick to mine.

also, will you let me know if you dig this - i enjoy doing the playlists, but if no one is listening to them, it doesn't make sense to keep doing them. if you feel strongly either way, shoot me a comment, email, text, the like.

and, happy new year! sending you warm fuzzies that it'll be the best.year.ever. xo