Friday, January 24

almost famous??

during the mad rush of the holidays, when my little elf was here helping in the workshop, she scanned through some of the latest designs to get some ideas for her own cards. as she was perusing, she holds up a shower invitation and asks - do you know these people? since the party was in texas, and she is from texas, i didn't think anything of it, and said - no, do you?

this flustered her a bit, and she asked again - no, really, do you know these people? to which I replied - no, I don't, do you? she looked at me, rolled her eyes and SCREAMED - THIS IS THE BACHELOR!! and, i admit, when i got the picture for the back, i thought - that is a mighty fine couple, and wowza - great engagement pictures!

i stopped watching that show like 10 years ago, when the firestone dude was on it, so i don't know anything about it these days. so, no, no - i do not know these people. but, i guess i should have!

word on the street is they're goin' to the chapel tomorrow (my invite must've gotten lost in the mail), so how 'bout we check out the shower invite?

the hostess found my design on pinterest, and we changed the colors up a bit, and added a few more pun-ny travel info tidbits. i guess this makes me almost famous, huh?? nahhhhhh

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