Monday, February 3

in the key of f...ebruary

by popular demand, my three readers - the playlist lives on!

you know how January is supposed to be a month of introspection, goals, and getting life back in order after the holidays? well, that sorta happened in the workshop, but sorta also didn't. things be crazy up in here, and that is the most awesome thing ever. truly. truly. truly.

my sissies and i started this thing in september. we send a picture every day of something new - each month is a new theme. january's theme was us showing our attempt at a goal we set for the year (eat more veggies, be more positive, exercise, etc.) and, man, was it so powerful to see those goals being achieved! i had a major goal deadline of january 31st, and i couldn't be happier that i achieved it! i'll tell ya about it soon. promise.

now - to the music. the farmer gives us mixtapes cds in our stockings most years, and he has quite the ear for music, so a few of those new-to-me tunes are on here. others i found on blogs, TV shows, various dressing rooms. you know what's next - tell me what you're grooving to - anything i have to listen to?

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  1. I love Step! :) I like your playlists. They are always refreshing!


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