Wednesday, December 9

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Right now, I'm listening to my Holiday Music, and watching the rest of the country be covered in a blanket of white. It's Antartica cold here (maybe not, but still less than 20 degrees), but we have yet to see any of the white stuff. Oh well. A girl can dream.

So, are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Do you have some white on the ground there & think a picture of the family frolicking in it would be THE best card to send out? Well, send me that picture, and let's get it on a card!

Remember, the deadline to order Holiday cards is December 18th.  If you want New Year's cards, you have more time.

And, did you know that all my cards are double-sided? So, whatever size you choose, you can do one pic, or 20, and you can give everyone a glimpse of life at your house with a 'mini' Holiday letter. Or, if you've just had a baby or are recently engaged, do double duty by giving them all the deets on the card.

Need inspiration? Voila...

Tuesday, December 1

The Happiest Season of All

So, how many of you ate your way through last week like I did? Anyone... Anyone? We went back to New Mexico, so of course had to eat all the things you can't get in the Pacific Northwest. Like delicious burritos, green chile, brisket, good Mexican food, and the list goes on.

But, I digress - that's not the reason for this post.

The reason for this post is that it's DECEMBER 1ST!! Did you hear me? Christmas is in, oh, 24 days. YIKES! I haven't even started shopping, much less thinking about wrapping presents so I can get them in the mail in time for the big day.  I see a lot of sleepless nights coming my way. At least I remembered to turn on the Christmas music playlist!

Well, if you haven't ordered your Holiday cards yet, not sure what you're waiting for! Deadline to order for Christmas is December 18th, so let me know what I can do for you soon.

Here's a little taste of what's chugging out of the workshop. Good stuff, people. Good stuff!

Monday, November 9

The Workshop is OPEN

As fast as October arrived, it was gone, taking the longer days with it and now I'm saying "I can't believe it's November!"

Well, you know what that means. Time to order holiday cards. The elves (who am I kidding - there's only one elf, and it's me!) are busy designing the orders we've already received. So, if you're ready to order, drop me a line, give me a call, send me a facebook message, take me to coffee. Just tell me what you want, I mean. You don't really have to buy me coffee.

It's really super simple. You throw out some color ideas, any themes you're thinking about, and whether you have some cutesy, clever holiday message, and we run with it.

Oh, and because I love ya, just for you (and no one else), here's a little glimpse of the workshop. Looking forward to our chat - for now, back to work!

Friday, October 23

But, What Picture Should I Use?

So, you definitely want to do Holiday cards, you just don't know what picture you should use. Should it be the whole family? Just the kiddos? New house? The dog? Serious? Funny? In front of the Christmas Tree? From the latest vacation? In full Sports Team gear? Whoa - it's enough to stress anyone out!

Well, maybe this year, you want to get some professional shots done? You do? Fantastic! I know just the person for you. If you're in the Seattle/Tacoma area, you should check her out. She's amazing! And, is quite possibly the nicest person you'll meet.

But, don't take my word for it - head over to her site. And, check out her blog. Oh, and hurry - her time's fillin' up fast - get in while the gettin's good.

You can thank me later. (by ordering your holiday cards) :)

Monday, October 5

Tired of Evite?

I cannot believe it's already October! Even though I'm very sad to see the beautiful Seattle summer we had go, October means the holidays are coming, and there are a few things I look forward to, like:

     Pumpkin Spice anything
     The leaves changing
     Twinkle lights throughout Downtown Seattle
       Pumpkin Carving parties. Halloween parties. 
       Thanksgiving parties. Holiday parties. 
       Trimming the tree parties. 
       Parties just because parties.  
       Phew - can you tell I love a party?
    Well, speaking of parties, if you're hosting one, maybe this year you want to send a fabulous invitation via the good old-fashioned mail. Maybe? Instead of stalking Evite and fretting that people have viewed your invite, but not replied, why not set the mood with a lovely piece of stationary?

    Let's have a little chat! We can create the perfect invite for your pumpkin carving, holiday, because it's wednesday party. I can't wait!

    The only question I have is, Am I invited? That's ok, you don't have to tell me today.

    Wednesday, September 23

    Holiday Cards, Already?

    Check something off your holiday list early this year. Your holiday cards! I know it may seem early, but if you're like me, there's something planned from now to next June, and Thanksgiving will be here, like tomorrow. Jeez!

    Here's the gist:
    You give me an idea of style (classic, alternative, modern, color (red/green, purple/gray, pink/red), and saying (Merry Christmas, Deck the Halls, Grandma Got...). Then, I whip up some ideas, and you check your email inbox to pick one. Easy, right?!

    All you mamas due around the holidays, this is a perfect way to, oh, what's that cliche, something about two birds, one stone - well, you get the idea.

    One sided, two sided, folded, print yourself - whatever you like, let's get started already.

    Well, whatcha waitin' for? Ok, ok - I'll back off - get back to me when you can, but remember, it's already September 23rd!

    Some ideas to get your juices flowin':

    Wednesday, September 16

    Whatcha Workin' On?

    You're probably wondering, "So, what's she working on?" So, I thought I'd answer that question for you (even if you're not wondering that).

    Since being laid off, I've been doing alot of "cleaning" the house (don't confirm that with mr. man, cause he might not agree!), working on this here blog and the website (link's over the right...), and doing some design work.

    I finished up announcements for baby Cade. Isn't he adorable? So sweet, too!
    And, I'm working on announcements for baby Rylan. Now I'm probably being biased here, cause he's the BF's kiddo, but isn't he the friggin' cutest thing you've ever seen? Those eyes! Love this kid to bits, I tell ya! Now if his mama'd only make up her mind which announcement she wants...

    And, in the middle of all that, (I know, who'm I kidding?) I found time to walk 60 miles for breast cancer! My teammates & I, Pay It Forward, were the little engines that could - "I think I can" was heard, more than once! Phew, lots of blisters and muscle aches, but that cause is so worthy!

    So, what can I work on for you?

    Thursday, September 3

    All Systems Go

    Who knew it took so long to create a website? Well, maybe it's easier for other folks. Folks who don't change their logo 450 times, the front page of their site 4,000 times, and folks who don't resize their images 9 million times. Yea, maybe it's easier for them.

    But, I digress - it's here. I'm so excited to announce it! Rosita Designs is alive!!!

    I cannot wait to get started and begin creating designs. I'm sure any time now, I'll receive the first email to go full steam ahead. Yep,

    Hello? Is this thing on?

    Oh well - here she is: