Monday, November 9

The Workshop is OPEN

As fast as October arrived, it was gone, taking the longer days with it and now I'm saying "I can't believe it's November!"

Well, you know what that means. Time to order holiday cards. The elves (who am I kidding - there's only one elf, and it's me!) are busy designing the orders we've already received. So, if you're ready to order, drop me a line, give me a call, send me a facebook message, take me to coffee. Just tell me what you want, I mean. You don't really have to buy me coffee.

It's really super simple. You throw out some color ideas, any themes you're thinking about, and whether you have some cutesy, clever holiday message, and we run with it.

Oh, and because I love ya, just for you (and no one else), here's a little glimpse of the workshop. Looking forward to our chat - for now, back to work!

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  1. Super cute stuff!!!! Love it. I like that black and red one at the bottom and the colorful one on the top right! CUTE!


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