Friday, June 22

boys will be boys

i know i've mentioned it before, but i get many an order for the boy-child. this year has been no exception, and i always love hearing what theme each boy-child wants. skateboard, snowboard, sports, robots, super hero. let's take a little gander at some of this year's partay invites, shall we?

since he was turning 10, he wanted a take on the x-games (get it?!). so, it was a swish here, some grungy text there, and a snowboarder or two for this milestone.
from snowboards to skateboards, this client knew what he wanted, making sure we knew exactly how and what color he wanted his board to be. i have it on good authority that we were pretty good at bringing his idea to life!
we all know that every (well, ok most) boy loves him some sports. this particular boy-child is fond of all ball sports, so we did a little mash up for his invite. (what's up with the weird pic, you say? i obviously failed to print extras for a photo shoot!)
then, of course, there are robots. mama put marker to paper to whip up johnny 4 here, and i brought him to life on a postcard invitation. the clever headlines are the best!
and, lastly, my favorite kind of party - the fiesta! you know i love my margaritas. and, this little mister is as spicy as they come, so it's a perfect match! aren't i so witty with all the spanglish?!
how's that for gettin' the creative juices flowin'? got a boy? he's probably got a birfday, right? gimme a shout - we'll get workin'!

boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Tuesday, June 19

a few of my favorite things - june

seems the margarita trend is one with some kick. every menu i see has some sort of jalapeño concoction on it. and, since nothin' says summer like a big 'ol margarita, and 'round here the jalapeño jar's never empty, that is fine by me. i might let out my inner mixologist for this version.

if lincoln park after dark is my winter go-to color, cajun shrimp is it for the summer! when i'm not rockin' pink, that is! and, what better way to show off those summer tootsies than in some cute sandals. these might've started the pink trend for me. their $15 price tag meant they had to be added to my sandal collection.

and...more pink! there are other colors, but i couldn't resist!! i have a few of these, and while they're considered wallets, i think they're more of a clutch. tons of pockets, an id window, and they easily fit a gloss and your smartphone.

gettin' a little intimate here, i've been on the lookout for a bra that actually puts the girls where they need to be, and i found one (3!) in the most unlikely place - tar-jay. i highly recommend, wink, wink.

love the hunger games? then, how dang cute is this katniss cuff? i wasn't so fond of PE archery, but something about this  arrow makes me feel kinda like a bad ass, in a rhinestone-y sorta way. may the odds be ever in your favor...

mr man got us a car bike rack, which means i don't have to watch my life flash before my eyes as i careen down our giant hill at break (brakes) neck speed. so, since we might be biking more (mr man, i'm not promisin' anything here), i think old girl (the bike, NOT me) needs a basket to cart a beach blanket and bottle of wine.

what are y'all lovin' this month?? besides 50 shades. i know...I KNOW! 

Friday, June 15

pretty in pink

after years of wishin' and chickenin' out, then wishin' and chickenin' out, i finally pulled the trigger and dyed my hairs. it's atomic pink, and i'm in love. little nervous about getting it out of pillowcases, shower curtains, and clothes, but i'm in love.

it seems the higher the climb toward the big 4-0, i feel the need to do something drastic to my hairs around mah birfday. last year i chopped it off (much to mr man's chagrin); this year - COLOR! see for yo-self...
for the old (yes, OLD) birfday this year, our best pals joined us for some booty-shakin', fist-pumpin' 80s cover band nostalgia. it.was.awesome! rebel yell. fight for your right. jump. just like heaven. hungry like the wolf. melt with you. man, i love a show where i know the words to every song.

i wasn't planning on dressing up, but when i stumbled across some pink skinny jeans, i knew they must be mine. my 16 year old self is so rolling her eyes right now... and, if i was sporting pink jeans, then you know mr man had to break out the crue tee. straight outta the 80s, dontcha know!

hmmm, pink hair, pink jeans...i think i'm seeing a trend, because my new tennie-runners are pink, and my latest pedi is bright pink! whoa, maybe rosita needs to change her 'signature culuh' from red to atomic pink.

i'm gonna need to sleep on that one. whatchoo been up to??

Wednesday, June 13

showers possible

i know you, my 3 readers, are so distraught when you come here daily and there's no new post. wait, what? is this thing on? anybody out there? well, hopefully there are at least 3 of you checkin' this space out, because today we're showering the brides.

when it comes to bridal showers, there's usually some kind of cutesy theme, and my clients did not disappoint. let's start with the wine and cheese variety. these were printed on kraft paper, tucked in kraft envelopes, and show how even one color can make a majorly bold statement!
this bride is so well-traveled, it was a no-brainer the shower would be travel themed. i went with an airmail feel, tying in her wedding colors. the shower fun included laminated luggage tags, and we adorned table signs with images the bride-to-be took on her travels. i'll show ya when i get the pictures!
hello, clever idea!! my client wanted a recipe card that invitees could bring to the shower, and what better way to do that than with perforation? the size made them perfect 3.5x5 recipe cards, and i think they're super cute! we also did wraparound envelope labels in the wedding colors to match the invites.
part engagement fiesta, part couples shower, these way fun invites continue my love affair. these colors (with wedding color, mustard, at the forefront) just pop off the linen paper.

Monday, June 4

in the tune of june

well...hi! where the heck have i been? do you, my three readers, feel so neglected? i have tons to tell and show you, but that hurts my brain and makes me want to stick my head in the sand!

so, in full avoidance fashion, since i had a bunch of songs shazamed, i thought i'd toss you a playlist for june. in full disclosure, i became obsessed (OBSESSED) with that naughty, naughty 50 shades, and because i'm cray-cray just for fun, i whipped up a playlist of songs included in their pages. so, that's all i've been listening to for the last few weeks. if you'd like to obsess too, you can listen here.

some of those songs are here too, but most are songs i found on movie trailers and CDs baby sister let me barree. do you have any new music i need to hear? are you obsessed with 50 shades too? should we form a support group?!