Friday, January 20

a few of my favorite things - january

i've been thinking about doing this for a while, and what better time to start than the first month of the year!

windows phone | jamie spinello metalworks cuff | kate spade this is the year bracelet | downton abbey | buxom lips trixie | OPI lincoln park after dark | aspen bay reserve candles fire

i'm not biased because mr man works on the windows phone. i really love it. to me, it's friendlier than the iphone. (ducking) i do love a bracelet. and, the more i can fit on my wrist, the better. that cuff is to.die.for, and i've coveted the kate spade idiom bracelets for months now. this one has cute sayings about a new year, but really, i'd take any of them! downton abbey (say that with your best english accent!), how i love thee. if you haven't watched, you must! go, i say, go!

if we met on the street, chances are i'd have trixie on mah lips, and lincoln park on mah nails. buxom is a lip plumper with a little bit of sparkle and, that polish?! love with a capital l. in fact, i need a mani now! y'all...that candle! if only the screen were scratch 'n' sniff. it smells divine! it burns forever, is soy, and when the wick's gone, put it on a candle warmer, and enjoy the smell even longer. divine.

ok, what's on your list?

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  1. Love your post! And those Kate Spade bracelets are adorable. This month I am loving Presmer Python Bags and Bangles, any and everything Kendra Scott, and, or course, the Kindle Fire!

  2. Where does one get said bracelet? LOVE it!

  3. I love this Raeann. Always love a favorite find list :). Visually your post is super cute too! I must learn mighty graphic master. PS Linkin Park Opi is on my toes right now.


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