Monday, January 30

workin' on the workshop

i've decided it's time rosita had a proper workshop. no more desk slash dining table and little square of space in the basement slash dungeon. i'm takin' over mr man's office, which really shoulda been done when rosita set up shop in the casita, but, have we met??? don't worry, i might save a little space for mr man.

mr man says once he's overcome his end-of-football depression, he's all mine (y'all, can i get a halle-friggin-lujah for the end of football??) and, i guarantee i'll be puttin' him to work. he's handy, that guy. thank goodness, cause the workshop needs work. don't believe me? see for yourself:
doth my eyes deceive me? or is there truly only one item hanging on these walls? seriously? when i make art for a living? that giant eyesore of a tv prolly hasn't been turned on in oh, like 3 years. what the heck's that metal cabinet, you ask? i really shoulda taken a pic of it open. y''s full of cds. like, so many we could open our own cd warehouse, full. y'all, we're a little old school, and are havin' a hard time partin' ways. can we get a moment of silence?

and, then the piles. piles on the desks. piles on the floor. piles under the futon. piles on the cabinet. piles in the closet. ewwww, i'm getting itchy thinkin' about all those piles.

holy hannah, this project can't start soon enough! so, let's talk about what i wanna do with the room. if you can't tell, the room ain't so big, so we're gonna hafta git creative. i reeeeally want floor to ceiling shelving, and a nice high, double-sided work table in the middle of the room for mr man and i to share. that means the futee's gotta go, which i'm stressin' over.

before i break out in hives, let's check out some purdy pictures of ideas brewin' in my cabeza (head, for you gringas).
all images from my pinterest boards
all images from my pinterest boards
great, now that i've looked at all these amazing inspiration pics, i'm stressed out about how cool my room needs to be. i gotta get outta the box, peeps. do tell, have you done any makeovers lately? got any ideas for this little undertaking?!

i'll keep you posted every step of the way. next up, i'm thinking about changing the paint color!


  1. do we get to pick which one we like best... add up all the votes and then that's what your going with?? :)

  2. I have a couple of books with design/organization ideas for craft rooms that I'll lend ya for more inspiration!

  3. It's about time you got your own workspace, sistah! I see tons of inspiration in those pinterest pics. I'm sure you'll get just what you want with Mr. Man being the handy guy he is. Oh, and I'd go bold on color--it's your workshop for goodness sakes!


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