Wednesday, February 1

love in the country (music)

in early december, we went to nm for a wedding. their live band coupled with george strait on heavy rotation at the MIL's made me 'member how much i miss late 80s-early 90s country. and, since last february i did silly love songs, this year, i'm doin' country love songs.

back in the day, i was a total cowgirl...poser. yep, total poser. wore ropers and wranglers (no breathin' in those suckers!) and loved george and garth. i resisted joining FFA and didn't step foot on a ranch 'til 2000, but i was smitten with many a cowboy and loved "boot-scootin'" 'round the dance floor at honky-tonks, with appropriate names like midnight rodeo and diamond l'il's.

what a stroll down memory lane putting this list together was! i had a hard time keeping it to just 20, but these are most of my faves. now, don't go pretending you don't like country music. but, if you truly don't, we'll see ya back here for march's list.

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