Friday, February 10

a few of my favorite things - february

let love rule tom's | fashionABLE etanesh scarf
ghirardelli double chocolate brownies | glove & cake oven mitts
noonday collection kampala with love necklace | ebell jewelry owl talon necklace | fabric & handle shantay shopping bag | sofia mini blanc de blancs

look at these! my love of lenny and toms all mixed together. i think these are my next pair. say what you will about their looks; they'z comfy! i stumbled upon the fashionABLE site last week, and was so moved, i had to get a scarf. it's so lightweight and perfect. go! get one too.

TDF brownies sure to please any honey: get a 6-pack of these at costco; use milk for the water, vanilla yogurt for the oil, then add toffee bits and walnuts for pure decadence. when they're done, take 'em outta the oven with these cutey-cute mitts.

lately, i've been drawn to use my $$ for the greater good. enter the noonday collection. the kampala with love necklace is ah-mazing. i dare you to resist getting something. and, speaking of neck candy (albeit outta mah budget), a buddy of mine makes these friggin' fantastic claws, and i'm utterly obsessed. OBSESSED.

when was the last time you used a plastic bag at the grocer? it's been years for me, and i think this tote and i could be BFFs. i need another bag like i need a hole in the head, but whatevs. i could use it to get me some sofia minis (THE perfect valentine bevvy). if you've never had one, you are missin' out. little cans of champagne? with a bendy straw attached? I.DIE.

what are you jones-in' for this month? hopin' your honey gets ya? tell me! if there's one thing i need, it's more obsessions.


  1. I think I shall get a scarf and a necklace too. Nothing like feel good shopping! Oh, and I need a tutorial on how to make my own "favorite things" list! Love it!

  2. how fun!!
    so glad you like your necklace :)

  3. I NEED a necklace with 3 swallows like the girl was wearing last night on the grammy's-The Band Perry.. so adorable-jackie is on the hunt!!! :)


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