Wednesday, February 29

a onesie, and a ...

pretty much all my designs so far this year have been for baby showers. and, most of those orders included much more than just invitations (hello, custom!). this order was no exception.

you may remember the invites:
while brainstorming designs, we both fell in love with a onesie idea. after we found the perfect paper to create the onesies, we started with stripes in the nursery color (sage green) for a classic design. then i topped it with just one(sie), giving the illusion it was drying on the line. 

these turned out sweet-as-can-be, and can you imagine what fun opening the mail was that day?!

to carry on the theme, we created menu table cards.
and strung up a welcome banner of the sweetest onesies tied together, which can be used in baby's nursery later.
doesn't it look like a fun celebration?! and, that view?! wow - talk about a great backdrop!

any baby welcoming goin' on in your neck of the woods? let's chat!

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