Tuesday, February 21

wine'd down weekend

for the last 5 years, mr man and i have taken a trip in february to sip wine and celebrate valentine's day. and, since washington state is kinda well-known for their vino, we haven't had to trek far. this year, we went back east to the red mountain area. if you're thinking of wine tasting, think no more. there is yakima, walla walla, chelan, columbia river, rattlesnake hills, and the list goes on.

i maybe might be a champion wine drinker, and these trips are my absolute favorito! it's so cool to see the vineyards, chat with the folks with the passion to quit day jobs and become wine-makers, and taste some deelish-ious vino. recognizing more obscure wines on various lists around town is also a bonus!

how 'bout a leetle foto montage...
snowy drive over the pass | have work, will travel | chandy love @ hedges estate
fidelitas wall o' wine | vast vineyard views | cooper corkage
deelish dindin @ tagaris | willow crest barrels | on the road again


  1. Looks like fun! I'll have to go some day!

  2. I wish i was your Mr. Man for this trip... i want to do the coast of Cali someday..in the NEAR future.


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