Thursday, April 28

Gifts for Mom

since mother's day is may 8, i thought i'd share some gifts from the workshop that are sure to brighten her day. there is plenty of time to get them in the mail to her before it's too late.

custom notecards for mother's day
mom's love their own stationary. and, i have every letter of the alphabet! if you are looking for something more generic, i also have 'thank you' and 'hello' notecards. cards are wrapped up with coordinating ribbon in a cello bag.

$15 for 10 cards

custom handmade canvases for mother's day
how about a little artwork for mom? this was actually a birthday present for my mama to match her bedroom. just pick the color, and give me a general idea of style you're looking for, and we go from there. totally custom. i featured a few of my custom canvases before.

prices vary based on size and complexity of the project

a little bling
custom hair flower for mother's day
nothing like a little accessorizing to make yourself feel better. you pick the colors, and bling for the middle, and you have yourself a fancy hair adornment. if mom's not big on hair accessories, she can wear it clipped to a scarf, her handbag, or her coat lapel.


custom desktop calendar for mother's day
no, it's not too early to be giving out calendars! these small desktop calendars are made to sit in a CD sized case. each month is a different design and color. i designed black and white calendars as well for the more modern mamas out there.


order yours today.

Friday, April 22

The Good Earth

how exciting is it that earth day and good friday are the same day??!! and, the sun is shining, which just might qualify as a miracle! i'm coming to you from my front yard on my beloved adirondack chair. sadly, not much in my yard is blooming, but i do have a bird's eye view of some daffys and tulips. oop, and a big dandelion. i'll have to get mr. man after that.

since we're already pretty earth friendly around here, not much of my day to day seems that above and beyond. but today, i composted my coffee grounds, used a reusable bag at the store; i'm drinking my water out of my klean kanteen and sportin' my recycle tee.

and, guess what? i think i've finally talked myself into planting some veggies. we'll see how that goes, since my thumb is actually black, not green. i'll let you know if progress goes well (and will avoid the topic if things don't pan out). if you have any tips, i'm all ears.

i'm sending you sunshine wishes for a wonderful weekend and a happy easter!

Wednesday, April 20

Having a Ball

when a client comes to me and says "i want it all!", i start doing back flips and side herkies in my mind. i mean, few things are more exciting. and, that's just what this client did for her son's 1st birthday.

it started with the beach ball theme, and kept rolling (heehee) from there. we did invitations, with printed envelopes and seals.
custom beach ball birthday invitation theme
then, we addressed party decor by creating festive birthday banners and tissue poms
custom birthday bannercustom birthday banner
we topped the cake with a festive banner, and decorated cupcakes with fun toppers (not pictured)
custom birthday cake bunting
the birthday boy donned the perfect hat for the occasion
custom birthday party hat
we sent the little guests home with goodie bags
custom favor tags for goodie bags
and, after it was all over, thank you notes carried on the theme
custom birthday thank you notes
see? the sky's the limit when it comes to party fun. they can be as simple, or as detailed as you like. let's chat about your next shindig.

Friday, April 15

Party Animals

it's party time around these parts again, and i've been whipping up birthday invitations. then, as i was getting them all packaged up and photographed, i noticed a theme! they all have cute little animals on them! (thank goodness for easy blog post titles!)

we've got safari animals
custom safari birthday invitation
jungle animals
custom monkey children birthday invitation
and owls
custom owl children birthday invitation
and, i remembered this design. not really animals, but i think it fits into the theme loosely. mama drew these cute bugs and had me use them on the invite.
custom bugs children birthday invitation
if you've got a party animal celebrating a birthday soon, give me a shout! and stay tuned next week, cause i'll show you some ideas to go along with invitations.

oh my!

Tuesday, April 12

Easter Greetings

i got an email from a new client who wanted to do holiday cards, but wanted to save them for a different holiday...easter. isn't that a great idea? you still get your annual card out, but you're not competing for fridge space with all the christmas and new year's cards. genius!

so, if you missed out on christmas, new year's, valentine's, st. patty's day, here's your chance to send out a card to all your nearest and dearest. whether you celebrate easter, or just want to use it as a way to ring in spring, let's chat.
custom easter card
she wanted bright colors and a place to add a "what's been goin' on" letter. we added a scripture perfect for the occasion, and voila. it doesn't hurt that the little munchkin with her green tennies is so darn adorable!

so, you interested?? yes? come talk to me.

Thursday, April 7

Just Because

tulips on my desk
a few weeks ago, when mr. man met me at the airport after an impromptu family "vacation", he presented me with a bouquet of tulips. just because. just because he missed me. (cookin' his dindin, i'll bet) isn't that the sweetest thing you ever done heard?

my little tulips brightened my desk until monday. and, with the blustery, icky, why-do-i-live-here-again weather we've been having, i needed them. funny what 10 little flowers will do to the spirit, huh?

mr. man's off on an impromptu family vacation now, and i'm thinkin', thinkin' what to present him with when i pick him up. just because. cause flowers just don't work for the mens, am i right?

so, tell me, what's the latest thing you've gotten just because?

Friday, April 1

Spring is in the Air(waves)

i was gonna make an april fool's playlist, but decided since y'all loooove listening to them all month, it woulda been a throw away playlist. you're welcome.

i'm getting better at this finding music stuff, but you know the drill - you got a song i need to know about? send it my way. i'm lookin' at you, baby sister. little stinker's been keepin' the goods to herself.

and, just for you (my 3 readers), i put all the playlists over there to the right, so you can clickety click to any month you choose. so, without further ado: