Thursday, April 7

Just Because

tulips on my desk
a few weeks ago, when mr. man met me at the airport after an impromptu family "vacation", he presented me with a bouquet of tulips. just because. just because he missed me. (cookin' his dindin, i'll bet) isn't that the sweetest thing you ever done heard?

my little tulips brightened my desk until monday. and, with the blustery, icky, why-do-i-live-here-again weather we've been having, i needed them. funny what 10 little flowers will do to the spirit, huh?

mr. man's off on an impromptu family vacation now, and i'm thinkin', thinkin' what to present him with when i pick him up. just because. cause flowers just don't work for the mens, am i right?

so, tell me, what's the latest thing you've gotten just because?


  1. What a thoughtful man you have! If you would like to get him something similar you could do a bouquet of his favorite things (candy, drink, food, music). Just an idea :)

  2. thanks for the suggestion! that's exactly what i did & he loved it!


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