Friday, April 22

The Good Earth

how exciting is it that earth day and good friday are the same day??!! and, the sun is shining, which just might qualify as a miracle! i'm coming to you from my front yard on my beloved adirondack chair. sadly, not much in my yard is blooming, but i do have a bird's eye view of some daffys and tulips. oop, and a big dandelion. i'll have to get mr. man after that.

since we're already pretty earth friendly around here, not much of my day to day seems that above and beyond. but today, i composted my coffee grounds, used a reusable bag at the store; i'm drinking my water out of my klean kanteen and sportin' my recycle tee.

and, guess what? i think i've finally talked myself into planting some veggies. we'll see how that goes, since my thumb is actually black, not green. i'll let you know if progress goes well (and will avoid the topic if things don't pan out). if you have any tips, i'm all ears.

i'm sending you sunshine wishes for a wonderful weekend and a happy easter!

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