Tuesday, April 12

Easter Greetings

i got an email from a new client who wanted to do holiday cards, but wanted to save them for a different holiday...easter. isn't that a great idea? you still get your annual card out, but you're not competing for fridge space with all the christmas and new year's cards. genius!

so, if you missed out on christmas, new year's, valentine's, st. patty's day, here's your chance to send out a card to all your nearest and dearest. whether you celebrate easter, or just want to use it as a way to ring in spring, let's chat.
custom easter card
she wanted bright colors and a place to add a "what's been goin' on" letter. we added a scripture perfect for the occasion, and voila. it doesn't hurt that the little munchkin with her green tennies is so darn adorable!

so, you interested?? yes? come talk to me.

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