Friday, April 1

Spring is in the Air(waves)

i was gonna make an april fool's playlist, but decided since y'all loooove listening to them all month, it woulda been a throw away playlist. you're welcome.

i'm getting better at this finding music stuff, but you know the drill - you got a song i need to know about? send it my way. i'm lookin' at you, baby sister. little stinker's been keepin' the goods to herself.

and, just for you (my 3 readers), i put all the playlists over there to the right, so you can clickety click to any month you choose. so, without further ado:

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  1. lykke li has a new CD out.
    Songs I have save on my Shazam:
    Moneygrabber by fitz and the tantrums
    Consoler of the lonely by the raconteurs
    come back to me by david cook
    new low by middle class rut
    Stare into the sun by Graffiti 6
    hey lover by blake mills


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