Sunday, November 23

winter songs

oh, here it is again...time for christmas carols. i'm starting early this year - it just seems right when turkey day is so close to december. what are your traditions? wait until christmas eve to get your tree? up right after thanksgiving? have you started your christmas shopping yet? do you do gifts in your family? what's the best thing about christmas for you?

this'll tell me if any of you read this, huh?! answer my questions - inquiring minds wanna know! now, on to the carols - i have many, many here, but i'm always looking for more, or different variations - the more radical the better. so, do tell.

and, merry christmas. happy holidays. all the good fuzzy feelings for this season of love and light to you and your family. hugs and smoochies.

Monday, November 3

november noise

november. noooooovember. y'all, I like the sunshine. like a lot. i'm NOT ready for grey days, rain, and daylight savings time. i wanted to stay forever in tahiti, but mr man made me come home, and now, it's November.

it's about to be crazy town around here! Christmas cards, new years cards, etc. and, I started a new adventure earlier this year - you may have seen the link on the right, my three readers, but i'm doing some world changing with noonday collection, so, yes, crazy town.

next month, it's the carols of Christmas on repeat after thanksgiving. but, for january, tell me what you're listening to. are you even listening to this - do tell, this mind wants to know.