Thursday, April 28

Gifts for Mom

since mother's day is may 8, i thought i'd share some gifts from the workshop that are sure to brighten her day. there is plenty of time to get them in the mail to her before it's too late.

custom notecards for mother's day
mom's love their own stationary. and, i have every letter of the alphabet! if you are looking for something more generic, i also have 'thank you' and 'hello' notecards. cards are wrapped up with coordinating ribbon in a cello bag.

$15 for 10 cards

custom handmade canvases for mother's day
how about a little artwork for mom? this was actually a birthday present for my mama to match her bedroom. just pick the color, and give me a general idea of style you're looking for, and we go from there. totally custom. i featured a few of my custom canvases before.

prices vary based on size and complexity of the project

a little bling
custom hair flower for mother's day
nothing like a little accessorizing to make yourself feel better. you pick the colors, and bling for the middle, and you have yourself a fancy hair adornment. if mom's not big on hair accessories, she can wear it clipped to a scarf, her handbag, or her coat lapel.


custom desktop calendar for mother's day
no, it's not too early to be giving out calendars! these small desktop calendars are made to sit in a CD sized case. each month is a different design and color. i designed black and white calendars as well for the more modern mamas out there.


order yours today.

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