Friday, March 4

Canvas the Area

back when i had my open house, i dappled in some mixed media art on canvas. i had some out for sale, and a few sold, but what i really hoped would happen, did - custom orders. and, now it's a common item shipped out of the workshop. i've made them for wedding, birthday and just-for-me gifts, baby rooms, dining rooms.

i LUUUUUV these. LUV. it's pure get-yer-hands-dirty, handmade goodness. and, i can live for days on the high i get when i deliver one, they open it, their eyes light up, and they say I LUV IT! buuuut, the process is super nerve-wracking for me. (cuz i'm a nutjob.) ask mr. man. poor guy's constantly called to the workshop to talk me off the ledge and have (one-sided) conversations like this:
'do you think this should go here, or here? i'm really nervous they'll hate it. it's going on a wall in their house. they trust me to do something they're going to like. does it look like a third grader made it? what if they hate it. they're going to hate it.'
my sweet cousin LOVES horses and barrel racing, so her mama ordered this to match her lime green and zebra print room. (note to self: work zebra print into decor somehow)
this order was for mother's day. a sweet quote mixed with the colors of mama's house.
mothers day custom canvas artwork
a bare dining room wall, a list of favorite lyrics and a cool idea led to this triptych. (that's for carrie.) talk about nervous nelly. i mean, it's going on their dining room wall! everyone who comes to their house will see it! a few deets: the door to the house is a map of ohio, where mama's from; mama, daddy, and 3 kiddos = 5 birds in the tree; 3 windows for 3 kiddos.
she collects hearts, and she's crazy creative, so she ordered some artwork for her craft room. only criteria: use reds and lots of hearts. success? we'll let her weigh in...
i used their invitation and maps to tie the couple's love of travel into this 'lovebird' wedding gift.
still with me? the possibilities are endless, really. i'll make one for you - order up! don't worry, i'll add them to the website soon - that project is underway.


  1. Absolute success! I love my canvases. Exactly what I wanted to brighten up my craft room!

  2. Yep. Still waitin on that owl one for P's room. Still waitin. :) I love these. The one for B is SO cute! The Farmer just said, "Ohhhhh that's a canvas?" LOL!

  3. Love these! Can you make me one? I do have a b-day coming up.

  4. do y'all come back & check to see if i comment back? trying to figure out if i should. anyway - how did i know my family would chime in about wanting their own?! :) you know what they said about the cobbler's family...

    and, carrie, i'm so glad you like the canvases - can't wait to see them in april.


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