Wednesday, March 23

Pomp & Circumstance

as shocked as i am that we're steam-rolling through 2011, i'm here to tell you it's time to get those graduation invites ordered. for college, high school, heck even kindergarten.

the school invites are bo.ring, so order up something custom. We can slap a picture (or 5) on it, invite friends to a celebration after the big ceremony, tell your nearest and dearest what life after graduation holds. Whatever - it's custom, you know.

i just whipped up invites for baby sister's college gradjuration. see how cute they can be?
custom graduation announcements and invitations
and, once all those awesome gifts ($$$) come rolling in, you'll have the perfect matching thank you note to send.
custom thank you notes and notecards

and, just so you know, yes, the waterworks flow every time i hear pomp and circumstance.


  1. once upon a time I was a blogger...and now I think you've posted more than I have this month. Teehee!

  2. Love these invitations & I love seeing your process.

  3. Seriously with the designer barf bags? SICK! Why haven't I gotten an invitation, yet? Oh wait, I should be asking that other sister.


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