Friday, February 3

sippin' & seein'

since baby brother's "sip and see", i've decided it is THE best way to welcome baby numero 2, 3, or 4. it's so relaxed, sittin' around chatting and cooing over the new baby. no sniffin' snickers diapers and mama gets to enjoy a bevvy (or 4) like everyone else!

so, last weekend, my lovely (and crazy talented) friend priscilla and i threw a welcome partay for our gal pal, carrie, and her little peanut, drew. i dooo love a party! such a great excuse to dust off the champagne glasses and break out my nana's silver. we set the mood by sending sparkly invites, tucked in charcoal envelopes wrapped in my favorite label.

priscilla whipped up some pennants and garlands, i added 'baby drew', and strung them up over the food and drink tables.
speaking of food...we wanted the shindig to feel like 'happy hour', so i whipped up a few finger foods, and priscilla baked the most delicious cupcakies and brownies. and, of course they're labeled!
as for the sippin', we had a
 a signature drink (complete with cheeky name)
and, bottles and bottles of red vino (do you think i went overboard with the personalized labels? nah!)
tags tied to each glass for guest names and jazzed up water
we sent guests off with hand sanitizer, because babies don't love germs! they say "it was good, clean fun!" (tutorial coming next week)
you wanna see the guest of honor, right?! he was pretty content to be passed around from arms to arms and all he did was snooze snooze snooze.
congratulations to rock star mama, carrie. and, thank you to my partner-in-crime priscilla for all her help pulling this off, and for the use of her images.
and, seriously y'all, any happy hour that ends with 5 empty wine bottles must be a success!


  1. Super cute party! Nice work you two! Congrats Carrie & welcome Baby Drew!

  2. I love it! So cute. Finally glad I can post a comment. :) So chic!
    Congrats Carrie!

  3. It was so fun! Thanks for being the hostesses with the mostestess...hmmmmm, that's weird to type! :)


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