Thursday, March 1

marchin' to the beat

ok, be honest - how many of you actually listened to the february playlist?? none of you?! well, i did, and i have to say, as much as i LOVE all those songs, i'm happy it's time for a new list and that ol' febby only has 29 days.

so, these days, when i find a song i like, a few days later, it's playing on the radio. what gives? i guess with all our technology, there aren't that many 'unknowns' anymore. good for them, bad for those of us who want to seem 'cutting edge'. well then, i'll just go find another song i like by that artist! and, i maybe mighta done that here.

what are you listening to these days? any hip, no-one's-ever-heard-of-these-guys bands or singers i need'a check out? do tell.


  1. pss cannot believe you have a skrillex remix of adele!! not a big fan of dubstep even if it is mild dub.


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