Monday, March 19

will you be my bridesmaid?

guess what came in the mail last week??!!
i was so excited to get it, speshly since middle sissy got hers three whole days before me! excited because, 'member, i sent off the innards for baby sister to assemble herself. and, i couldn't wait to see it all done up. big, fat party in the mailbox right here!

everything was tucked in a yummy, metallic cream envelope wrapped with my favorite label style. 'to' on the front, 'from' on the back. (major tip here: you'd be surprised how often postage is underestimated, so weigh your finished project before you buy stamps and ship.)
baby sister personalized each card with a picture of each girly-girl, which slips easily out to use as a fridge reminder. adorable washi tape and matching ribbon holds it all together.
the inside gets dressed up with fun embellishments and more dang cute washi tape (um, the girl in the dress? sweet like sugar!). fun letters stamped in coordinating colors make sure no stone's left unturned (or, no envelope's left unopened).
can you say fun?? and, seriously, folks, when you get a labor of love this cutey-cute in the mail, how can you say no?

well, one thing's for sure, i'm definitely fulfilling my matronly duties...with honor!


  1. that is really creative. I have never seen anything like this- you are so awesome!

  2. Thanks sista! I couldn't have done it without you and all of my bridesmaids love love loved them!!

  3. These are really spectacular. So different :-)

  4. that is AMAZING.. so fun!!! love everything you touch

  5. What do the little business cards say?

  6. they are to do lists for the bridesmaids.


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