Wednesday, March 28

a few of my favorite things - march

ok, ok, march is pretty much over, but this is what was floatin' the ol' boat this month.
peter pracilio swarovski skulls | peace to all plaque
anthro curvy vase | arcadian uttermost pendant
smartwool knee high socks | bijules nail ring | satomi kawakita stack rings

must be accessory month. for the home and the bod. um, that skull? bedazzled with the most amazing swarovski crystals? if they weren't $2000+, she'd be bedazzling my wall. i've been coveting this peace plaque on pinterest for months, and finally found it! now, mr man needs to get over the brassiness and hang it. i found this too cute vase, and just knew baby sister needed it. (matches her weddin' colors perfectly!) this pendant. THIS PENDANT. it sooo wants to adorn my dining room. it really does. please, mr man???

why am i the last one to the party for smartwool socks? my feet are ALWAYS freezing, and these keep 'em roasty-toasty. if you don't have a pair, do yourself a favor. is this nail ring a bit much? i think not! who said nails shouldn't get bejeweled? these stacking rings are budget-busters, but i'm digging the double-finger style, and i love a pile of jewelry. maybe one day...

so, what had you swoonin' in march? what are you looking forward to for april. is it weird that i featured wool socks when most of you are enjoying 80+ weather?


  1. That Peace adornment hung on every entrance to my great Aunt & Uncle's house I ever remember - I love that you have it!
    Love those Smart Wool socks!


    This is what im diggin on.. jack is trying to make me one!!! :)

  3. shelbs - i was wondering about that necklace. is it the one from the CMAs? you don't know how many ppl traffic to my site since you posted that comment on the january list!

    this necklace is amazing!!!! hope jack can do it - maybe she can make me one too, if it's not too 'spensive.

  4. yes it was the one on there, love it. She ordered the 3 doves and now she is going to make the necklace herself so Ill tell you how it turns out!!! :)Obviously im obsessed since I keep posting it and it wont go off my hit list till its around my neck. :)

  5. I often get friends and family discounts for Smartwool. I'll let you know next time one rolls around!


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