Tuesday, June 29

You say I'm obsessed like it's a bad thing

We interrupt regular blog posts about recent designs to have a little chat about obsession. (And, no, I don't mean the early 90s perfume/cologne by Calvin Klein, although I do love it. Mmmm. High school football games...shellacked, permed hair...wait, where was I?)

Ok, so a little less than 2 years ago, my sister mailed me 4 gigantic books titled Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. She warned me I might think they were cheesy, well, because I'm over 30, and it's a love story about a human and a vampire.

Well, I didn't read them for a while, but decided a trip that included many air miles, and driving hours, would be the perfect excuse to cart 2 of the brick sized books with me (you know, in case I finished one during the trip).

To keep a long story short, I couldn't read them fast enough. I think it took all of a week to finish all 4 of them. And, then I couldn't read them a second time fast enough. And, then I couldn't get them into the hands of my friends fast enough. And, then I couldn't believe I didn't know about this Twilight phenomenon. (you see, because I consider myself on the hip, "in the know" side.)

So, to say I'm obsessed might be a little bit of an understatement. But, whatever. I've now read them all 4 times. And, fallen in love with a vampire. And, the guy who plays him. And, I may or may not have a vampire as a background image on my computer & phone. I also may or may not have an RPattz calendar. (gulp) What? We all need an outlet, right? At least I'm not camping out for 4 days at the premieres, although I'm seriously thinking about "visiting" my sister in Baton Rouge, when they begin filming Breaking Dawn there this fall.

I know most of you, my readers (all 3 of you), are obsessed like me. Ok, maybe not like me, but you like the books. And, if you aren't, what the heck are you waiting for? Don't miss the boat on this cultural phenomenon! So, you know the point of this post is the 3rd movie, right?

Yep - Eclipse comes out tomorrow. And, I'll be there. With my best gal, Carrie. In my Team Edward shirt. Trying to ignore Carrie's Team Jacob shirt. Squealing in girlish delight during the tent scene.

Don't judge. My name is Raeann, and I'm obsessed with Twilight.
Email me if you need to know which sites to bookmark. ;)


  1. Team Jacob! Sigh...he's so dreamy.

  2. Oh my goodness! I have to admit, I am pretty excited for cheesy movie time tonight. I'll let you know when Lindsey needs to see it and we can go again...

  3. can you even consider me a friend anymore? HAVEN'T READ THE BOOKS.

  4. Cultural phenomenon? Really? If that's the case, I better get on the band wagon.

  5. since you're in seattle, have you been to forks? we just went last week. sadly we didn't go on the twilight tour (only saw the outfitters store where bella worked on the main drag). we went mainly to visit the nearby hoh rain forest and just didn't have time (plus i'm sure hubby and his friend would rather poke their eyes out then do a twilight tour).

    thanks for stopping by pixelimpress the other day. i do actually print my work at home. love your products... while i'm here, can i ask, what kind of printer you have? mine's on its last legs. pam


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