Wednesday, June 2

Back in the Day

Today's my birthday, and I'm feeling nostalgic. It's a milestone year and those seem to force you to reassess your life, and wonder whether you're on the right path, and what the future holds.

Today I'm reminiscing about:
  • Spending my 16th, 25th and 30th birthday in various Mexico locales
  • Summers in New Mexico
  • Roswell Country Club cheese sticks, circa 1991
  • My mom's Strawberry Birthday Cake
  • Pillow forts, backyard camping, making mud pies, and swimming at my Nana & Paw Paw's house
  • Bad 80s fashion & Big Cheese Pizza
  • Slathering on suntan oil (NO SPF, what skin cancer?)
  • Running through sprinklers
  • Splashing in gutters after a New Mexico flash flood
  • Wonderful memories my husband & I have made
  • Sunsets on Alki
  • Driving into Seattle the first time
  • Summer thunderstorms
  • The smell of wet concrete
If you're hitting a major birthday this year, what is taking you back?

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