Tuesday, June 15

A Work of Art

Remember this post?

Well, I'm back to show you the goods. Now, when I met with this bride, we discussed a garden theme, using greens & purples to convey the casual feeling they were planning for their winery wedding. And, I got to working.

Fast forward a few weeks, and the bride decided she wanted her invitations to feel a little more personal. And, since her mother's an artist, and just happened to have a painting of said winery, why not use the art to announce the wedding?

I think it was a fantastic decision - these invitations might be some of the yummiest I've done in a while. 

The hand torn edges...
the textured paper (swoon. suhwooooon. i.love.this.paper.)...
the depth of colors in the artwork...
the finished package, all wrapped up ready to go...
Best wishes to Michelle & Bill - they're set to tie the knot in just a few short weeks.

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  1. these are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!everyone should use Rosita designs!


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