Tuesday, February 8

Silly Love Songs

It's February playlist time! You know what that means...love songs! With that silly holiday Valentine's Day this month, how could I not fill the list with cheese & whine?! Especially since we're going on our annual Wine Tasting trip this weekend.

You may know them, you may not. Most are oldies, 'cause they don't write 'em like they used to. (What am I, 80?!) And, a little french dittie added in because I'm super jealous of my pal, Carrie, who will be in Gay Paree, on the 14th.

Have some love songs I should know about? What would be on your Silly Love Song playlist? P.S. the most important song on my list, Lover Lay Down, by the Dave Matthews Band, was tragically missing from playlist.com's repertoire. Harumph.


  1. where was i last month?? i'm lovin' these 'silly love songs.' bummer about 'lover lay down'...

  2. sheesh - rub it in even more... just kidding. aren't these songs awesome? if i do say so myself.


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