Friday, February 25


I was having one of those weeks again where I was feeling unproductive, so I scanned my orders and realized it was because all the work I've done recently didn't involve me printing anything. All my work lately has been either web or logo design. You want to see, right?

I've already designed the Dynamic Edge logo, business card, postcards and web items, but this time, my client wanted t-shirts. Cute, huh?

I also updated a logo for a local construction company.

Then, I finished up my brother-in-law's Christmas gift. Yep, sister's hubby. They have a little (big) farm, and grow their own veggies, so they needed a logo.

And, finally, I whipped up a new blog header for a client, who happens to be one of my most loyal customers!

Phew, I don't feel so unproductive now. I can now look back on January and February and realize that yes, I did actually do quite a bit of work!

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  1. Shanks sister sue. Looks like my blog needs a new header...oh wait, that'd be me needing to take pics right? hehe


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