Friday, February 4

Wild Thing

I'm feeling restless. Maybe it's the cold, grey weather. Maybe it's missing my fam. Maybe it's that 2011 starts my downhill slide to *gasp* 40. Whatever it is, I'm restless.

And, when I get restless, my home interior becomes my scapegoat. And, spending any time around home improvement blogs is enough to make anyone's interior feel inadequate. I've now big plans for our  bedroom and the workshop, requiring Mr. Man to put his sexy tool belt and power tools back in action.

Before I start on major overhauls, I decided it was time to do something about the stack of frames in the basement I'd intended for a gallery wall on the upstairs landing.
So, I chose pictures, threw out pictures, printed pictures, changed my mind, hated it, started from scratch, realized we should have some of my art in the house, and think I've settled on something I can live with!
custom wall artcustom wall art
Isn't it sooooo much better? Mr. Man's only request? That the Storm Trooper be represented. Well, why the heck not?!

You know I said I realized we needed some of my art in the house? Well, that poster on the bottom is it! (You want one, too?) The images in that frame seemed like after thoughts, and since I knew I wanted to mix and match other art in, 'Wild Thing' was born.

Close Ups:
custom wall artcustom wall art

And, no gallery wall would be complete without a Sweet P original:
My custom art is perfect for Valentine's Day. Take a lyric from 'your song' and frame it up. Or, maybe a scripture that means alot to you and your loved ones. And, unlike all the 'Keep Calm & Carry On' stuff out there, it's something that's dear to your heart!

Talk to you soon, Wild Thing.


  1. How well I know the feeling of missing family, only it happens to me every day now, sunny or grey. I love what you did to your landing. It made me smile. I'm dying to come out west to see my sister-you'll have to come down too! Miss you, old friend. Alison

  2. I may need one. Our wedding song was "Crazy Love" by Van Morrison. So we should do something with those lyrics for my bedroom. But first I need a blog template! I have no problem keeping you busy if you are feeling restless!

  3. Wow...the landing looks wonderful :-)

  4. Um, I think I need one, too. And I love that my kid's art work made your landing! Woohoo Sweet P! I was wondering what that was in the first pics. teehee!

  5. Love it! Hello from your newest follower :-)

  6. i'm going thru and commenting on comments. do you all care? do you come back & check?

    anyway - in writing this blog, it's so interesting to me what catches people's eye and what they choose to comment on.

    thank you for all the kind words on the landing. it makes me smile every time i go upstairs.

    and, those of you looking to order your own, i'm a-ready.


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