Monday, January 24

Stylish Blogging

In honor of the Stylish Blog Award (!) my sister gave me (for button and header design, etc), I thought it would be the perfect time to feature those designs here. Now, I don't really do web design, but making pictures and buttons and stuff to dress up blogs? I can do that.

Since her blog, The Iowa Farmer's Wife, is about simple living, farms and fresh food, we (I) decided her blog header should change seasonally. We've done Summer, Autumn, and Winter, and will update to Spring when it arrives. Since Sweet P is in the header, we'll update that image, so the blog "grows" with the family.

We also created little seasonal buttons for her readers to grab. (Grab one, if you read her.) 

Aren't they all so cute? I'm sure Sweet P has something to do with it. And, isn't their farm adorable?! 

She also does "Challenges" every once in a while - I think there's a Fitness Challenge that's been a long time coming. So, to showcase the challenges, we created "Challenge Girl", who bears a striking resemblance to Sweet P. (If you don't think so, don't burst my bubble, k?!)

Thanks for the award, sis. And, if you have a blog you want to prettify, we should chat. We can whip you up a new header, maybe a button, a few pictures. Whatever you like!

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  1. Argh, remind me about that fitness challenge why doncha? I think its been a long time in coming because I'm dragging my feet in the area of ahem, fitness! teehee. Thank you for all this. i love them. LOVE them.


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