Friday, January 14

Reserva la Fecha

custom spanish save the date
With a name like Rosita Designs, you know something with a Spanish flair is right up my alley. Since I'm working on the first draft of invites for this Latin-flavored wedding, I thought it the perfect time to debut these Reserva la Fechas (Save the Dates for all the gringos).

custom save the date postcard
To save on postage, these were designed as postcards. I know I say it all the time, but it's a great, budget-friendly idea. And, we merged the addresses onto the cards, so all the bride had to do was add postage and drop in the mail.

custom spanish save the date wedding
The couple's reception is at a historic, Spanish hotel, so I pulled inspiration from it's architecture (ironwork) and decor (crosses, crosses, and more crosses). And, me? I never met a cross I didn't love. 

Stay tuned later in the year for the invitations - they may look similar to this, or could be completely different - it'll be a surprise!


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