Tuesday, February 22

Tropical Mommy/Baby Shower

Going thru pictures recently, I realized I've never told you about this baby shower. Probably because we hosted it before I'd decided to embark on the journey de Rosita.
custom baby shower welcome sign
We wanted the shower to be more party and mimosa brunch, less baby shower and silly games. So we took the mama's love of Hawaii and ran with it.

We started with these invites to set the tone:
custom baby shower invitations
images on invite taken by Jennifer J Photos
Using the nursery colors, we created a yummy, mama-focused brunch. The stage was set with lanterns and my grandmother's china.
carrie's baby shower lanterns
shells, candles, and drapey fabric
carrie's baby shower decor
we enjoyed a feast of monkey bread, egg casserole, and the most beautiful fruit salad, with peanut m&m's for dessert! (mama's favorite) We served coffee and a mimosa bar as well.
baby shower brunch food
For "games", we did a crossword puzzle of baby/pregnancy words, because mama loves them, and a celebrity baby matching game. We also presented mama with a diaper cake (which did double duty as a centerpiece for the gift area).
custom diaper cake
mama working on the crossword puzzle
Guests left with a bag of chocolate covered macadamia nuts and chocolate clusters. (I guess the tag technically should have said 'mahalo', huh?!)
custom favor tags
It was my first time hosting a baby shower at my house, and we had a great time! Special thanks to my co-hosts, Jenn and Priscilla. All shower photos courtesy of Priscilla.
carrie's baby shower
mama and the co-hosts


  1. it was quite a wonderful shower! thanks, again!

  2. Beautiful table! I love the lanterns, I'd keep them up permantly! Your friend is a lucky mama :)


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