Monday, January 23

scenes from a snow-filled week

unless you were under a rock last week, chances are you're aware that mother nature gave good ol' seattle the smack down. and, since our fair city is quite ill-prepared for weather-related smack downs, mr man and i were stuck on our hill. it was pretty romantic. a blanket of white outside. me baking cookies and spiking hot chocolate inside.

i quite enjoy the occasional snow, and have no problem being cooped up for a few days, but mr man got the cabin fever. so, we set out with some cardboard for a little night sledding and a walk to the neighborhood bar.

we thawed out with a little pizza, vino and etta james. (RIP). and, capped off the weekend with a gal pal's birfday celebration.

what'd you do last week? this weekend?
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  1. i have some friends that live in seattle that are from texas and they were freaking out last week! in a good way. :)

    thanks so much for linking up to my insta.week! i love the sledding photo and wish i could be doing that right now!


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