Friday, January 6

tunes for twenty12

a new year. again. these days, do you feel like you're on the merry-go-round, being spun and spun, so dizzy with how fast life is going, wishing it would stop so you could get off and clear your head? no? well, i do. every day. and, remember when years were divided into 'semesters' and how looooong the school year seemed? now? it's 20 friggin' 12. 20 friggin' 12. and, 2011 passed in about one second! and, i say good riddance - it was not my best year. so, resolution time! hmmm, looks like 2012 isn't gonna be the year i give up tangents - sorry.bout.that!

are you wondering why you had to go thru all that to get to the playlist? me too! on to the music - peeps, i'm shazaming like a mad woman and i think it's now an addiction. try it. you'll super like it! also, big thanks to the farmer, who is always on the cutting edge of musica, which in turn makes me look like i am too. (wink) you're on the cutting edge, too? do tell - who ya lisnin' to?

disclaimer: no comments about the jewel song. it doesn't totally sound like her. and, once upon a time, i maybe mighta worn out my copy of pieces of you. shoosh - you did too.

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